To our community,

As we approach our familiar mid-March dates, we recognize everyone has questions about our event and COVID plans over the coming weeks. We certainly share your concerns, and want to be as transparent as we can be.


To everyone that has completed our Attendee Survey, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  So far, we have received over a thousand responses from attendees like you and every response gives us information that helps us determine our next steps. 

If you have not yet responded, you can still fill out the survey by clicking here. It will be open until February 10.

We recognize that everyone needs to make plans, whether they be for an in-person or virtual event. Our plan is to continue conversations among our team and venue over the coming weeks, then provide a clear decision to our community about one month in advance of the event. Please expect a further announcement from us the week of February 14.

You may not feel comfortable attending our event for various reasons and we fully respect that. If you’d like to request a refund or rollover your registration to a future event, you can email us at And remember that you’re more than welcome to attend our virtual event, too!

We’re keeping up to date on what needs to be done to keep all of you, our local furry community plus our broader society, safe and healthy. We encourage you to do so, too. 

You can review Ontario’s current public health measures on the website, and view our own attendee safety policy on our website here.

Changes in Leadership

We want to let everyone know that Aaeden has stepped down as convention chair. He notified the AEO Board and FE directors of his intention this past weekend.

We know this was not an easy decision; we fully respect and support Aaeden. We are truly appreciative of his efforts to lead the convention through a growing year in 2019 and through the extreme challenges all furry events have faced over the past two years. He will continue to be involved with the convention as a director.

Please join us in expressing thanks and gratitude for his service to our convention and our community.

Scani has stepped in as the interim chair for the 2022 event. We will begin the search for a chair for 2023 and beyond after this year’s convention.

We appreciate your ongoing support through this time of change for us and want to assure everyone that we are just as committed to putting on the best possible event that we can for you. 

We look forward to seeing you all in a matter of weeks for lots of fun and a very warm welcome to friends sorely missed.


Furnal Equinox Leadership Team

(Aaeden, Eilowny, Iggly, Kootenay, Paro, Scani)