Pas Le Choix de Danser

After years of demand from attendees and dancers, Furnal Equinox is bringing its first dance battle-style event to the Frontenac Ballroom in 2024, with Pas Le Choix de Danser, AKA “PCD!”


After years of demand from attendees and dancers, Furnal Equinox is bringing its first dance battle-style event to the Frontenac Ballroom in 2024, with Pas Le Choix de Danser, AKA “PCD!”

What is PCD?

  Pas Le Choix de Danser is an all-styles dance battle event similar to events like Floor Wars and Battle Zoo from other conventions. For this inaugural event, GOH DJ Avian Invasion will spin songs picked at random, and competitors will have a few moments to take in the tunes… then throw down their best moves to impress their opponents, judges, and the crowd! 

The format for FE: PCD 2024 will be one on one, single elimination battles. 

Competition Format

Please read through each section carefully to help prepare you for this event.

Preliminaries – Friday, March 15th

  • Should we have enough signups, there will be preliminary rounds to cut to the final event. This can be to top 12 or 16, depending on number of signups and schedule capacity.
  • All dancers will compete in a “showcase round”. Everyone in the auditions will gather around the middle of the dance floor. A continuous mix of music that can be any genre will start, and names of each competitor will be called to go into the middle of the cypher and dance for between 30-45 seconds. You’ll want to show some of your best moves here to impress the judges enough to make the main event!

Main Event – Saturday, March 16th

If you qualify for the Main Event, you will be randomly seeded into a battle bracket. Date and times of the Main Event will be announced on all of Furnal Equinox’s channels.

  • The two dancers to compete in a round will be called up, music will start, and the MCs will spin a bottle to determine who goes first in any given round. The bottle decides, and whomever it lands on has no choice but to dance! (Thus, the name of the event! 😉) The other dancer will then follow.
  • Dancers get two (2) rounds of 30-45 seconds each. MCs then count to 3, and judges point to the side they feel won the battle.
  • In the event of a tie, there will be one more tiebreaker round, followed by another vote. If there is another tie, there is a second tiebreaker round and vote. This process repeats until a winner is chosen.
  • In the semi-finals and finals, there will be three (3) rounds, instead of the previous two rounds. The same tiebreaker rules as above apply as well. 


  Three judges with dancing experience have been chosen for the event. Here’s an idea of what they’ll be looking for in rounds at preliminaries, and at the main event: 

  • Cleanliness & Execution: How clean and defined are the moves?
  • Uniqueness: How do dancers bring their own style to their moves? Did they avoid repeating moves?
  • Musicality: How well does the dance match the music?
  • Dynamics: Is the dance exciting? Does it pull you in? Do the moves change dynamically to match the song?
  • Battle Sense: Does the dance respond to or open a challenge for the battle and the opponent?
  • Balance: Is the round balanced between response/challenge, and the dancer’s own style and uniqueness?
  • Prizes: TBD — often medals or plaques are presented to winners of such events. Additional rewards may be determined closer to the event. PCD is an event to celebrate dance culture within the furry community, rather than competing strictly for status or reward. 

Competition Rules

The competition is a designated PG-13 event, due to the nature of the competition, music, and intended audience. Please keep in mind that content may be rated as such, from music selection to theming. Malicious, lewd, or profane content or behaviour past the accepted PG-13 rating is not permitted. Breaking any of the following rules are grounds for possible disqualification and removal from the event, at the discretion of event organizers and Furnal Equinox Staff.

  1. No excessive, provocative, or inappropriate contact with other competitors
  2. No interrupting other dancers’ sets (taking up floor space, interfering with their turn)
  3. No props allowed
  4. No excessive “burns” or “disses”, and no offensive gestures, signs, logos, or disrespect of staff or others outside of the battle
  5. No waiting out songs/requesting a song change
  6. ARRIVE ON TIME AND READY TO BATTLE. NO EXCEPTIONS (at least 30 minutes before the event start time). If you are not present at roll-call 15 minutes before event start-time (e.g. 5:45PM for a 6PM start time), you WILL be replaced or disqualified.
  7. We are NOT responsible for injuries/damaged equipment/clothing
  8. There are no fursuit or clothing requirements, outside for PG-13 dress, for this event
  9. Event organizer(s) reserve the right to make decisions for any performances in the event where necessary
  10. HAVE FUN!

Disclaimer Notice

By signing up for Furnal Equinox: Pas Le Choix de Danser, you agree to adhere to all rules and regulations set forth in this document, and any others explicitly stated by the event organizer(s) during all stages of the event. Event organizers may also change or remove certain rules or stipulations as required to run the event. They also have the right to revoke a competitor’s registration and eligibility to the competition based on reasonable grounds.

All competitors also acknowledge and understand that their image, or likeness of image, may be used in media representations whether by individuals or media corporations that have been given explicit permission by Anthropomorphic Events of Ontario (AEO) or Furnal Equinox. during the main event. These representations will not be used for monetary profit, and only for promotion of Furnal Equinox and AEO affiliated events. Questions or concerns may be directed to the address below.

In addition to adhering to the rules of the Furnal Equinox: Pas Le Choix de Danser competition, all registered participants also agree to adhere to all rules set forth by the Furnal Equinox Code of Conduct. All participants must be in good standing with AEO and be registered with the convention in order to participate. All participants of the dance competition shall not hold liable AEO or any of its affiliates for any damages/injuries to participants incurred at the convention and its events, including Pas Le Choix de Danser. Any complaints or concerns regarding this event can be sent to


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to participate if I’m a minor? Are there any age restrictions for the competition?

Dancers must be age 13 or older as of the first day of Furnal Equinox. Additionally, if you are a minor, you will need to follow the rules for minors including the requirement for chaperones as outlined in our FAQ section for Minors.

What kind of music/genre/style can we expect at PCD?

As an all-styles competition, all sorts of genres can and will be played! Check out the following list (and examples on YouTube) of some music genres you can prepare for: 

  • Funk 
  • Pop 
  • Hip-Hop (Old School and New School) 
  • Trap/Dubstep 
  • Battle Beats 
Is the event livestreamed anywhere to watch?
Yes, we plan to have an official livestream for the in-person Main Event. Further details will be announced and posted to our website.
Will the main event be hosted on the light-up dance floor?
It will not. If the light up dance floor still needs to remain in place during the main event, PCD dancers will be moved onto the stage in Frontenac. Otherwise, the flat, regular “hardwood” style dance floor will be used for the main event.