Join the team that makes the magic happen.

Join Our Team!

All of the people who put our convention together — from the chair right down to our gophers — are volunteers. Every aspect of our convention happens with volunteer help, from check in at Registration, to panels and presentations running during our event, and to the AV crew that puts together the awesome dances and big shows.

Our volunteers take time out of their busy schedules, giving their spare hours to make sure the convention runs successfully. Without them, Furnal Equinox simply wouldn’t happen. As our convention grows, we try to offer more to our attendees, and that requires us to constantly grow our volunteer team!

That’s where you come in.

Apply now!

For some information about Staffing or Volunteering with Furnal Equinox, feel free to look at our Volunteer Information Package.

Available Staffing/Volunteering Opportunities

Registration Staff
Registration is the first interaction that our attendees have with our convention. As registration
staff, you’ll be making a positive first impression on our attendees by making sure they don’t
have to wait in line too long, allowing them to quickly get out to enjoy the convention!
Under the direction of our head of Registration, you’ll be responsible for the following:

  • Assisting with customer service prior to the convention, if available;
  • Getting our attendees into the convention by distributing attendee badges, and other
    perks for our Sponsors and Supersponsors;
  • Promoting the safety and integrity of our convention by verifying our attendees’ identities
    by examining ID;
  • Collecting at-door payments from attendees (cash and debit/credit cards);
  • Contributing and making suggestions to our processes to make sure that we can do an
    even better job in future years.

The big thing we’re looking for is a positive attitude and willingness to serve our attendees with
a smile. We’ll be happy to train you in our systems and processes before the convention.
However, the following skills would definitely be beneficial:

  • Experience in customer service (retail, etc.);
  • Experience in sensitively handling personal information;
  • Cash handling and/or experience with operating debit terminals;
  • Teamwork and initiative;
  • Previous convention staff/volunteer experience.

Interested? Send an e-mail to volunteers@furnalequinox.com with some information about
yourself, and we’ll follow up with you with further details.

Security Volunteers
Convention Security is an essential AND fun part of our convention – if you don’t believe us, see
for yourself! We’re here to make sure you’re having a good time while staying safe and staying
within the convention (and venue)’s rules.
Under the guidance of our Director of Security and the Security 2IC, you’ll be responsible for the

  • Enforcing and informing of BOTH hotel and convention policies;
  • Liaising between hotel staff, convention staff, and/or attendees as needed;
  • Maintaining a safe space for both attendees and general public;
  • Reporting for duty on assigned shifts;
  • Providing exceptional customer service for our convention attendees.

You are required to have, by the time of the convention:

  • SJA (St. John’s Ambulance) First Aid, or equivalent certification

While we don’t have specific requirements for this position, it would be beneficial to have at
least a couple of the following:

  • 1+ year(s) experience as convention security/gopher, at FE or elsewhere;
  • Experience in customer service (retail, etc);
  • Experience with conflict resolution, personal skills, and social skills;
  • Knowledgeable in convention rules, policies, and guidelines;
  • Ability to work varying shifts based on demand (including late night and early

If you’d like to be a part of Furnal Equinox’s security team, send us an e-mail at
volunteers@furnalequinox.com and we’ll get back to you!

Programming Gophers
We’ve got a lot of Programming that happens at Furnal Equinox – a lot of it needs extra hands in order to make sure everything runs smoothly from start-to-finish.
Under the guidance of our Director of Programming and the Programming 2IC, you’ll be responsible for the

  • Supporting panelists and department staff as needed;
  • Providing light-to-medium logistical work, as needed;
  • Providing updates to Programming staff on panels that you provide support for.


  • A fun-loving, can-do attitude that wants to help make a fantastic convention happen!

While not required, the following are considered assets:

  • Ability to multi-task, help with organization of a panel as needed by panelists;
  • Ability to help with set-up and tear-down of panel;
  • Previous experience in an organizational role at other events/conventions

If you’d like to be a part of a fun-loving team that keeps the con moving and entertained, this opportunity is for you!

Con Ops Volunteers
To the staff of the convention we are considered the hub or the backbone of the convention where work gets done, meetings happen, and supplies are distributed from. To the attendees, we are the first line of help when problems or issues need to be solved. Con Ops is ever-shifting, playing both proactive and reactive roles: we help with signage, coordinate movement of assets, relay radio communications, take feedback and complaints from attendees, reunite lost items with their owners, handle oddball tasks, and resolve most unexpected needs. We also work to keep frustrated attendees happy by helping solve problems, creating return customers and a positive reputation for the convention.
Under the guidance of the Con Ops Lead, you’ll be responsible for the following:

  • Assisting with customer service during the convention.;
  • Helping our attendees find where they are looking to go in terms of panels and events;
  • Assisting staff in providing them the supplies they will need in order to set up or tear down their respective departments;
  • Manage and help with attendees who have had items lost or stolen;
  • Be the center hub of information for event changes, and making those communications to the attendees if and when the opportunity arises.


  • Experience in customer service;
  • Organizational management;
  • Teamwork and initiative;
  • A positive attitude, willing to help and make a positive difference.

For first-time volunteers, this is a great place to get to know all about a convention and how it operates. If you are interested in helping the Operations department please send an e-mail to operations@furnalequinox.com with some information about yourself, and we will follow up with you with further details.