Furnal Equinox COVID-19 Information and Policies

Last updated: September 24th, 2023

We’ve put together a lot of information for you about how COVID-19 issues will affect our plans for the convention. We will be providing information on those changes as they happen, so be sure to follow our social media
announcement for updates.

Convention Policies

All attendees must agree to Furnal Equinox’s policies, including COVID-19 policies, to complete their registration. The policy will appear as a mandatory selection on the registration form.

The public health situation may change between now and the date of the convention. It is possible that we may bring some removed policies back at our discretion if the situation calls for it. We will provide updates through our social media channels and on our website with as much notice as possible. Please check the COVID-19 policy again in March 2024 before you come to the convention to confirm if there are any changes.

Furnal Equinox strongly recommends vaccination boosters and masking as Covid-19 continues to evolve. It is highly recommended that you follow public health guidance for your demographic.

Attendees with COVID-19 symptoms or positive test results at the convention must contact us.

Please refer to the provincial government’s recommendations “What to do if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19”. If you’re advised to stay home, please contact us and we’ll make arrangements to roll your registration over to next year.

Vaccination boosters and masking are strongly recommended

We will not be conducting mandatory vaccination checks or requiring masks.

How to prepare for 2024

Get vaccinated (and boosted)

Vaccinations are widely available to the public, including to minors as young as 6 months old. Please check with your local health authorities to find a vaccine near you.

If you are eligible for a booster dose, we encourage you to get it to enhance your protection against COVID-19.

Bring masks and extra sanitation supplies

We encourage you to bring your own for personal use.

Stay informed with Furnal Equinox

Don’t forget to follow our official channels on X, Facebook, and Telegram Announcements where we will be sharing all updates.

Practice wearing a mask

Practice properly wearing over your mouth and nose and breathing with a mask on, as it is strongly recommended to wear a mask when in public spaces of the event.

Practice good personal hygiene

Make sure to wash your hands on a regular basis, especially after touching anything in the common areas. You can do this by washing for 20 seconds with soap and warm water; or use hand sanitizer on a regular basis. You should also use clean/fresh masks wherever possible and dispose of soiled ones.

City of Toronto guidance

We will not tolerate willful violations of this policy, or abuse of those upholding it.

The following actions will result in a ban from Furnal Equinox:

  • Abuse, harassment, threats, or intimidation directed at an individual for following recommended public health guidance;
  • Abuse, harassment, threats, or intimidation directed at any FE volunteer, FE staff member, or venue staff member for helping attendees follow recommended public health guidance

Still have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our policy for COVID-19 at Furnal Equinox use the Contact Us form here.