Masquerade Policies and Code of Conduct

Submitted performances must abide by rule 3 of the code of conduct, which requires a ‘PG’ rating. We reserve the right to either request revision, or remove performances from the masquerade on a case-by-case basis, such as content acting to marginalize, harass, or promote intolerance of protected classes within Canada. All acts/performances are subject to final review of their content upon submission.

Any costumed performers must also ensure their attire maintains the PG rating as per rule 3 of the code of conduct.

Any performers wearing form-fitting body suits/costumes which will be visible to the audience must take precautions to avoid inappropriate displays and maintain the ‘PG’ rating as per rule 3 of the code of conduct of the masquerade.

Application and Selection Process

Participants are required to submit an outline of their act(s) which include song titles, drafts of scripts, lyrics, and an outline of props your performance requires. Outlines must be submitted no later than the 5th of march 2022.

Once your outline is approved, you will be contacted by the masquerade team. We are here to help and more than happy to discuss and improve your performance.

Performance Judging

The winning performance act, or group will be engraved on the Masquerade Cup in alphabetical order. Engravings will be as per names provided on the sign-up form, and winners must contact the organizers for any alterations prior to the end of the convention. The cup will be available for photos with your group at the next physical convention, however the cup remains in the permanent care of SoulWolf as a lasting record of your performance and accomplishment for years to come.

In the spirit of growing the performing arts within the fandom, winners of the masquerade are ineligible to compete the following year with a 1 year cool-down period.

  • If you perform as an individual, you are only eligible to participate in a group the subsequent year.
  • If you perform as part of a group, you are only eligible to participate as an individual the subsequent year.
  • If you participate in the masquerade with winning performances for 2 consecutive years, you will only be eligible to perform in a non-scored showcase act, time permitting.
  • Non-judged showcase acts remain an option for masquerade winners after only 1 year.

Performances are judged on a broad set of criteria, such as originality of your performance, entertainment and audience appeal, performance handicap (in-suit vs out-of-suit), aesthetic appeal, use of space, and technical performance. Judges are selected based on their experience as performers.

Contact and Submission Form

Submission deadline: Saturday March 5th, 2022 at 11:59 PM ET

Please read the Masquerade Code of Conduct before submitting a performance. The masquerade organizers have final discretion on admissibility of performances throughout the process. The Furnal Equinox Code of Conduct still applies to all performance.

Any questions or concerns can be sent to