Frequently Asked Questions


When does pre-registration end?

Pre-registration ends on the last day of February.

I’m not sure if I registered or not. How can I check?

You should have received a registration confirmation message to the email address you specified. If you can't find this email (or no longer have access to your email account), you can check in with our Registration team on the Contact Us page.

Can I upgrade my registration, add merchandise, or change my registration details after I register?

Your registration confirmation email contains a link to view your registration. You may also have the option to “Change Ticket Types” or “Edit/Complete Info”, which allows you to upgrade your registration, add merchandise, or change registration details.

If you do not see these options, you will need to reach out to our Registration team on the Contact Us page for further assistance. Certain registration options are not available after December 31.

Can I give my badge to someone else if I can’t attend?

Your registration is tied to your name and ID.
During pre-registration, you may change your account information if you wish to assign a registration to someone else. Please see the previous question for details.

Transferring or 'selling' a registration without contacting our Registration team may result in voiding the registration entirely.

Can I pick up someone else's badge?

You are only allowed to pick up a badge for yourself, from a registration that matches the information on your ID.

You cannot:

● Register for more than one badge under your name
● Use your ID to pick up multiple badges.
● Bring another person's ID to pick up their badge.
● Ask the registration team to provide you with another person's badge.

I cannot come to the con anymore or wish to downgrade my registration. Can I get a refund/rollover?

The deadline for refunds is February 29, 2024, 11:59 PM EST.

The deadline for rollovers is March 10, 2024, 11:59 PM EST.

Furnal Equinox commits to a number of costs months before the start of the convention. The following refund policy is in place to offset costs of cancellations.

Effective up to December 31, 2023:

  • Full rollover of the value of the registration, or
  • Refund, less 3% charge to cover payment/system processing.

Early Access to Hotel Booking perk:

If you used the early hotel booking perk during the early hotel booking period, the following rules apply:

  • The name on the hotel reservation must match the legal name on the Sponsor+ registration.
  • If you request a refund, your hotel reservation will be cancelled.
  • You may not downgrade to a lower level of registration
  • This policy applies, even if you subsequently modify your hotel reservation.

The policy does not apply if you did not make use of this benefit or if you booked after the early booking period ended.


  • The difference cannot be rolled over. Refunds only.
  • Downgrade requests will be accepted until December 31, 2023.
  • A 3% charge on the refund amount will be deducted to cover payment processing.
  • If you used the early hotel booking perk during the early hotel booking period, you cannot downgrade.

Additional Notes:

  • Please be advised that refunds will only be issued in Canadian funds, which may result in a different exchange rate compared to the original date of purchase.
  • Our payment provider will provide refunds to the original method of payment within 120 days of registration. If you fall outside this date, we will use alternative methods to refund you your registration cost in Canadian dollars. Alternate methods may take 3-4 weeks of processing time.
  • Refunds will be issued to the original cardholder.
What can I use as a Photo ID?

We accept many forms of photo ID, but the most common examples are:

  • Driver's License
  • Passport

In the event you don't have these documents and are a resident of Ontario, we recommend applying for an Ontario Photo Card.

Please present original forms of ID. Do not present photocopies, scans, or photos of your ID.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to our Registration team on the Contact Us page.

I’m a minor (under 18 years old at the time of the convention) – what do I need to do?

All minors must complete a Parental Consent Form and bring it to the convention when picking up their badge.

Minors under the age of 15 must also have a parent/guardian with them at all times in convention space.

Children under the age of 6 years on the first day of the convention and are supervised by a parent/guardian at all times are admitted for free at the attending level. Create a registration for the child and input the date of birth to receive complimentary admission.

I require a support person to help with a disability (as defined by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act). Do they have to pay?

The support person is not required to pay an admission fee.

In order for us to properly accommodate, please reach out to our Accessibility department on the Contact Us page for registration instructions.

Do you sell night passes for the dances?

Unfortunately, we do not sell night passes. You must purchase a day ticket to attend and participate in convention events and dances.

I lost / misplaced my badge!

Found badges are sent to the Registration department, not the Lost and Found at Con Ops. Please check with Registration during the convention.
Our Registration team offers a replacement badge at a $25 CAD fee, provided your ID matches an existing registration.
In the event you find your original badge following receiving a replacement, present both badges to the Registration department. The cost of the replacement badge will be refunded after the replacement badge is surrendered.
Giving your badge away to someone else and attempting to buy a replacement of the same badge, or attempting to access convention space with a badge other than your own will incur penalties for all persons involved.

I plan to change OR I changed my legal name. What do I need to do?

The legal name on the registration must match your government-issued ID.

  • If you have not received an official legal name change certificate or government-issued ID with your new name, please register using your current legal name.
  • If your legal name has changed after you registered, contact us to update your registration with your new name. In some cases, you may directly edit your registration via a link in your registration confirmation.

If your legal name has changed and your registration was not updated before the convention, please bring your current government-ID, plus one of the following:

  • Government-ID that has your previous name, or;
  • The official name change certificate that shows both the previous and current names

In all circumstances, you have the opportunity to provide your preferred name in the registration form.

I would like to become a dealer/dealer’s assistant. Should I register now?

You should register now if...

  • You would like to secure higher-tier registration perks early, and/or...
  • You want to secure limited time offers of perks/merch, and/or...
  • You want to secure early bird pricing.

If your decision to attend Furnal Equinox is dependent on whether your dealer’s application is successful, it is recommended to wait until you receive an approval.

General Questions

What’s the general content rating of the convention?

As a rule, all public areas of our convention are kept at a PG rating. Areas and/or events that are marked 18+ will be stated explicitly within individual panel listings. Please note that parents/guardians/chaperones are responsible for the supervision of minors around marked areas.

What should I bring to the convention?

Be sure to bring the following:

  • Your photo ID for Registration
  • Any necessary medications

Also, consider these things:

  • Art Badges
  • Art Supplies
  • Sketchbooks
  • Snacks
Do I need to be a ‘furry’ or wear animal costumes to be a part of this convention?

Not at all! There are no requirements to do anything in particular to be a part of our convention, and many attend the convention even if they don't identify as 'furry'. Many simply attend to explore the community or hang out with friends. Costumes and accessories are just part of the fun!

Can I take pictures or film this event?

Attendees who wish to record any sort of media for personal enjoyment are encouraged to do so! For individuals or media personnel who are recording our events for research, reporting, or commercial uses, they must be approved by the convention prior to the event and wear a convention-provided Media Pass at all times. If you're interested in receiving more information, please reach out on the Contact Us page.


I can’t book a room! Have they all sold out?

Our rooms sell fast, so make sure you get yours as soon as possible! If there are no available rooms appearing through our booking partner, wait a few days before trying again – we might just need to snag a few more rooms for our convention block.

Is the venue accessibility friendly?

The convention centre and primary hotel are designed to be wheelchair accessible and accommodate a variety of accessibility needs. If you require any assistance at the convention, or have questions about the venue space, please e-mail us our Accessibility team through the Contact Us page with your questions.

Is smoking / vaping / marijuana allowed?

The venue has policies that do not permit smoking cigarettes, marijuana, or e-cigarettes within hotel and convention spaces, and the convention will uphold these policies.

The venue may specify areas where these actions are permitted, and these areas will be specifically signed. Please respect and abide by these rules.

If you have any further questions about smoking policies, please contact us through the Contact Us page.

Why am I seeing an extra charge for three or four people on my Westin reservation?

The Westin has made special accommodations to waive all additional occupant charges for our event (up to the maximum room capacity). If your statement mentions an added fee for the third and fourth occupant, it will not be charged at checkout.

If, after the convention, these extra charges were not removed, please feel free to reach out through the Contact Us page so that we can support you in resolving these issues.


How can I find out what panels and events are happening at the convention?

We’ve host a wide variety of informative and entertaining panels at Furnal Equinox, including panels involving arts & craftsmanship, literature, comedy, discussion & focus groups, and stage performance. You’ll be able to view our Programming schedule online approximately one month before the event, and also in printed material at the event..

Where do panels take place?

Most of our panels take place in conference rooms within the convention space at Westin Harbour Castle.

There may be one or two panels that are specifically designated outside of panel rooms. More detail will be provided on the event schedule.

A convention map will be available on our website and at the event to help you navigate the space.

Can I film or record panels?

Not all panelists are comfortable with recordings being made of their panels. If you're interested in filming, please check in with the panelist first.

Large events like the Dance Competition or the Fursuit Games are commonly recorded by attendees.

Please reach out to Press & Media Inquiries through our Contact Us page for any interests in recording for commercial or rebroadcast purposes.

I’d like to see a specific panel at Furnal Equinox. How I can suggest a panel?

Most of our panels are submitted by attendees! If you're not comfortable applying to host a panel yourself, see if someone else is interested in doing it with you.

You can reach out to our Programming team on the Contact Us page if you have a suggestion that might be more appropriate for the event to run, or if you don't know anyone who would be suited to propose it.

Attendee Policies

Can I get into the convention space without a badge? Can I bring a friend through without a badge?

All attendees must have a valid convention badge visibly on their person in designated “con space”, which is defined as space used exclusively by Furnal Equinox.

Can I bring my pet to the convention?

Pets are not permitted in event space for safety and allergy-related reasons, unless cleared beforehand by Furnal Equinox for specific events (i.e. Charity animals).

Service animals are permitted under the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act). If you have questions about service animals, please reach out to our Accessibility team through the Contact Us page.

Why does Furnal Equinox have an 'alternative apparel' policy?
  • To provide a time and space for self-expression among attendees who might be interested in doing so while still being respectful to those who are less comfortable.
  • To provide transparency to our attendees on what apparel we consider acceptable. Please remember we’re an event in downtown Toronto.
  • To ensure consistency among our staff in evaluating acceptability of apparel.

Most fursuits do not fall under 'alternative apparel' as they are a common item that speaks to the core interests of the fandom. However, all alternative apparel restrictions apply to fursuiters as they do for any attendee.

We know that in previous years our practices on apparel were not consistent or well communicated, and we understand that is frustrating for attendees. We're working on improving communication on these policies.

Why is there a big focus on gear related to pup play?

Furnal Equinox has had the benefit of working with pup groups and panelists, and we aim to carry a lot of that experience forward into outlining our current policies. As the community continues to grow and other things become more popular, specific mention of these will likely enter our policies, so that attendees are clear on our position.

We do this in the interest of fostering an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves, as well as give groups support to grow in a healthy manner. The intent of the guidelines are not made to single out any particular group, but to provide guidance for things which have increased in popularity and demand.

Why are certain apparel items only allowed in certain panels?

Certain apparel items pose risks in the case of an emergency, and your safety is most important. We will only allow them under properly supervised conditions so that the wearer has the assistance they require.

What if what I want to wear is not on that list?

To make your convention smoother and help our staff address your concerns, please reach out to us before the convention through the Contact Us page and, if possible, attach a picture. Our staff take your privacy and comfort very seriously and will do our best to help.

Why do the apparel guidelines change between 9pm and 3am?

We’ve decided that 9pm is a reasonable time to relax our rules for events like the dance and other panels where alternative apparel is appropriate.

As a result, we usually schedule programming that’s more friendly to alternative apparel during these time frames.

Is it okay for me to wear my alternative apparel in the hallways or elevator of the hotel?

Yes, but please do so respectfully and make your way directly from your hotel room to the convention space or vice versa.

Entering other hotel or public spaces may be considered a disruption to other guests. Please respect the directions of hotel staff.

I’m not sure if what I’m wearing / bringing around the convention is appropriate. Who do I ask?

Our Security team can help you with questions regarding acceptable attire, costume, props, or other items at the convention. Use the Contact Us page to reach out to our Security team and they’ll be happy to advise you.

What if Security says my apparel was inappropriate and asks me to change?

First, please comply with the request to change your clothing when asked. You are welcome to ask questions about what was unacceptable, please be respectful.

If you believe, after reviewing the policy, that your apparel is appropriate, please take a photograph of the attire if you feel comfortable enough to do so, and do one of the following:

  • Respectfully ask to challenge the assessment by coming to the Security office (identified on at-convention maps).
  • Use the Contact Us page and send an email to Security, outlining your concerns and providing any additional detail. We'll review your information and provide a response as soon as possible.

In these cases, decisions may be escalated to the event Directors. The decision of the Directors is final.

I’d like to share my feedback / question / concern on a specific policy.

Please use the Policy department to submit your request on our Contact Us page.


Am I banned from this event?

Anyone banned from our event will receive a formal ban letter through email or conventional mail, depending on the information we have available to us.

The letter will outline the reason for the ban, when the ban will end, and the necessary steps to challenge the ban.

If you have not yet received a ban letter, you are not currently banned.

I shouldn't be banned! This isn't true!

While we do our best to get reliable sources during our assessment of a ban, we also need to assess the risk of having an individual attend our event.

As a private and paid event, we do have the right to refuse any individual registration.

In the event we feel it is safer to deny access to someone due to information brought to our attention, it's within our rights and our duty to respect the safety of our attendees.

Is this person banned from your event?

To respect our privacy policy, and to ensure that we're protected from slander or libel, we cannot share information about a ban to anyone other than the recipient of the ban and their approved representatives.

This person should be banned from your event!

Our Security team can be reached on our Contact Us page. Please provide as much information about the person you're concerned with, any evidence or supporting references you have, and how you feel they'll be a risk to the event.

Submitting this information is not a guarantee of a ban.