A photo of Dodge Horse, a costume performer, dancing on a stage.

Photo by Light Wav Media


Fursuit Dance Competition

Sign-up deadline: Friday, March 10th, 2023 at 11:59 PM ET

Try-outs (Preliminaries) event: Friday, March 17th Time TBD

Main event: Saturday, March 18th Time TBD

We are excited to be hosting our ninth annual dance competition. Please read all the rules carefully to ensure you’re not missing anything before you sign up!

Summary of Competition

    • Potential and interested competitors will be able to register for the event online (details within document). Competitors will have to try out in a preliminary event which will occur on Friday afternoon.
    • Both the tryouts and the main event will take place in the Main Ballroom (Frontenac), where the big events happen. Tryouts will not have an audience, as we will only have performers and their designated handlers. For the finals, we will be spacing out the seating as with all main events in accordance to our enhanced safety measures for FE 2023.
    • This is a very action-packed event with lots of loud music and lighting effects. If you have any health concerns regarding noise levels or the lighting equipment of the event, please do not hesitate to contact the organizer (contact information provided at the bottom of page).
    • We are NOT having a group category due to the lack of interest from previous years. However, we encourage all competitors to compete in the classic solo category – it’s just as exhilarating and fun!

Competition Format & Process

There will only be sign-ups online before the convention begins to help expedite the process of tryouts. Online forms submitted after the posted date will not be accepted. To sign up, use the button at the top of this page to go to the form.

The general format of the competition will be as follows:

  • Competitors will dance at both the tryouts and the main event in their chosen fursuit. They must use the same costume and parts for both events. A more detailed list of what is accepted as a “fursuit” and additional parts/props can be found in the costume guidelines further below.
  • Competitors will dance to their chosen song or mix that they provide – we do not provide music. The song file must not be longer than 2:00 in length, no larger than 200 MB file size, and be submitted to us in a standard format such as MP3, WAV, WMA, or OGG. Competitors will be able to submit their music online (an email will be sent out to all applicants before the convention), or bring their music to the preliminaries panel.
  • For the tryouts, competitors will only dance to the first minute of their performance. We encourage competitors to plan their routine accordingly so that there is a good amount of content to judge in the first minute.

  As a reference, here are some of the things that judges may be looking for:

  • Originality: Unique and/or interesting techniques, avoiding repetition with similar-looking moves
  • Musicality: Dance matches with the tempo and compliments the storytelling of the music
  • Execution: Clean moves with no errors, movements work together
  • Character: Adds personality and character to movements, brings life to the dance

 At the end of the competition, the judges will tally up the points and announce the top performers, along with any honourable mentions.

Costume Guidelines

Acceptable entries are:

  • Full fursuits (A.K.A. “fullsuits”)
  • Halfsuits/Partial suits (head + hand paws + tail + feet paws minimum)
  • Please note: heels, slippers, sneakers are not acceptable replacements for feet paws. This is a new rule in effect so that all competitors are able to perform on a more equal ground. If you do not have feet paws for your suit, try asking around to borrow some. If your footwear is required for your particular style of dance (for example, tap dance or ballet shoes), please contact the organizer at frostkage@furnalequinox.com to get an exemption to this rule.

Non-acceptable entries are:

  • Zentai suits
  • One-piece PJ’s/kigurumis
  • Tail/ear combinations

Props and additional costume parts

Props may be used at your own discretion, as long as they fall within a PG-rating and do not impose any risk to other performers or the venue. We ask that you use your props (if you have any) in a safe and PG manner, as with everything else in your video performance. If you have questions about using a prop, please contact the organizer at frostkage@furnalequinox.com to get approval.


In case of any questions, comments, or emergencies regarding the dance competition, please feel free to contact:

E-mail: frostkage@furnalequinox.com

Twitter: @FurnalEquinox