Dear Masqueraders:

We are so excited to announce the much-anticipated 10th Anniversary edition of the Furnal Equinox Masquerade, and this year, we’re bringing you an unforgettable experience that’s sure to leave you in awe. Get ready for the Furnal Equinox Masquerade 10th Anniversary – All Star-fish Extravaganza – a celebration featuring past champions and fan favorites!

Over the past decade, the Furnal Equinox Masquerade has become a cornerstone of creativity, expression, and community within the furry fandom. Year after year, we’ve witnessed incredible talents grace our stage, showcasing their unique and imaginative personas. To commemorate this special milestone, we’ve decided to do something unprecedented and extraordinary.

While we won’t be accepting new participants this year, we still hope you’ll join us in commemorating this special anniversary. Prepare yourself for an evening of unmatched entertainment as the magic, vigor, and inventiveness that have characterized Equinox Masquerade for the previous ten years come to life on stage.