Hear ye, hear ye, good folk of the land!

Prepare thyself for an adventure of epic proportions as the tales from the land of Furnal Equinox are brought to life through the magic of the tavern. Behold the tales of daring heroes and cunning villains, of brave deeds and perilous quests, of love and heartache, and of all the wonders of the realm.

We are filled with utmost joy and merriment to announce that the schedule for Furnal Equinox: Tales From The Tavern is now available for all to download via the Sessionize App! Followeth this link below and mark thy calendars for the wondrous tales that awaiteth thee!

From the grandest of halls to the humblest of cottages, the tales will be told by the most skilled storytellers of the land. You shall be regaled with tales of dragons and wizards, of knights and fair maidens, of trolls and goblins, and of all the creatures that inhabit the land.

So, gather ye all and heed our call. Download the schedule and prepare thyself for the grandest of adventures. Furnal Equinox: Tales From The Tavern awaits you!

App Download link here: Furnal Equinox 2023 Tales from the Tavern