Furnal Equinox, has made significant changes to their registration process for 2023. The location for registration is in the Bay/Queens Quay 2 Room on the Convention Centre ground floor. The entrances on the Convention Centre side will be locked. Attendees must enter through the hotel side and proceed down to the convention centre ground floor to enter specific numbered/colour-coded lines. Overflow lines will start before the skybridge if necessary.

Registration will start at 4 pm-4:30 pm on Thursday, exclusive to Super-Sponsors and above, and 4:30 pm-5:30 pm exclusive to Sponsors and above. Attendees are advised that longer wait times are expected due to the increase in attendance. To prevent overcrowding, access to the line will be stopped 30 minutes before registration closes. There will be no waiting on the skybridge during busy periods.

Attendees must have proof of vaccination and ID ready at all times while in line, even after it has been checked in line. Benefactors, VIP, and those with accessibility needs can proceed directly to the entrance of the Bay room. Payment devices will not provide paper receipts, but payment receipts are available by SMS or email.

Additional items such as pre-ordered conbooks, additional merchandise, and higher tier swag can be picked up at the Con Store, not at Registration. To facilitate this, the Con Store is open for pickups on Thursday as well. All items must be picked up by the closing time of the Dealers Den on Saturday. Registration has overhauled its processes and resources and added more staff to deal with the larger numbers. However, we still face challenges ahead due to the increase in attendance. Furnal Equinox advises attendees to allow extra time for registration to do vaccination checks and to read the operational changes provided to reduce surprises and expedite the registration process.

For more details please follow this link: https://furnalequinox.com/registration-procedures-2023/