Privacy Policy


Anthropomorphic Events of Ontario, the operating entity of Furnal Equinox, acknowledges that the privacy of all our stakeholders, including convention attendees, supporters, staff and directors, is a priority. In accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of 2000, this document is presented as an explanation of our policies and practices with regards to personal information, as well as an explanation of the rights that you have with regards to said information. It is freely available on Furnal Equinox’s website at any time for your convenience.

Please note that any reference to “in writing” below is also inclusive of e-mail communications with us, but not verbal/intransitive communications.

Information Collected and Purposes of Collection

In the course of registration for Furnal Equinox, we collect personal information including your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, and e-mail address. (Online payment information is processed through a third party site; we do not collect your credit card number or banking information.)

This information is collected from attendees for the following purposes:

  • Verifying the identity of registered attendees of the convention
  • Informing attendees of upcoming events
  • Contacting attendees and/or parents and legal guardians in urgent circumstances
  • Sharing of information with our host hotel for verification of room bookings or investigating attendee disturbances
  • Conducting internal or external surveys of attendee demographics and satisfaction with our programming
  • Disclosure of information to other conventions or to law enforcement in case of perceived threat to persons or property

Information is collected from donors, directors and staff for the following purposes:

  • Properly accrediting and acknowledging any financial contributions made to the convention
  • Retaining contact with recurring donors
  • Reporting information on our Board members and activities to government as required

The collection of this personal information will only be limited to what is necessary for our purposes, and will only be collected by fair and lawful means with your knowledge and consent unless required by law. You may revoke your consent at any time by informing us in writing.

We will not use your information for any other purpose other than those stated above, or disclose your information to any third party except with your consent or if required by law.

Safeguards and Retention

We will act to ensure your personal information remains secure, including:

  • Physical restriction; including the keeping of records under lock and key
  • Organizational restriction; including the restriction of information handling to certain individuals
  • Technical restriction, including password protection and encryption

Personal information will be retained for as long as necessary to fulfill the identified purposes; when it is no longer required, said information will be destroyed.

Accuracy and Individual Access

We will strive to ensure that your personal information as used by us is accurate and up to date at all times. All individuals are welcome to either request the personal information we have on file for them, or request the amendment of incomplete or inaccurate personal information that we have on file for them. This can be done at any time by contacting us in writing.


If you have any concerns about Anthropomorphic Events of Ontario’s privacy policy or their compliance therewith, or wish to exercise any of your rights set out in this document, you may contact our PIPEDA compliance officer at and you will receive a prompt response to your request.