Our volunteers take time out of their busy schedules, giving their spare hours to make sure the convention runs successfully. Without them, Furnal Equinox simply wouldn’t happen. As our convention grows, we try to offer more to our attendees, and that requires us to constantly grow our volunteer team.

4 hours of Volunteering gets you a unique Certified Volunteer Button! This will be a tribute to going above the minimum to make our event great!

8 hours of Volunteering will get you $20 at our Con Store, usable during the convention to purchase any items we have for sale!

16 hours of Volunteering will give you a FREE base admission to the next Furnal Equinox event!


Staffing is a larger time investment, and usually involves duties before the convention as well as during. Our core team of Staff, Department Heads, and Directors work closely together to make sure the inner workings and fine details of our events go as smoothly as possible.

Staff are assumed to be putting in at least 16 hours worth of time towards the convention, and receive FREE base admission to Furnal Equinox 2021.

In addition, instead of the $20 Con Store credit that Volunteers get, you get $30 of Con Store credit.

As an additional perk, we’ll be offering a Staff Lounge with snacks and water to keep you fueled and rested outside of time spent working. Volunteers and General Attendees are not permitted in this space, however, so if you want to hang out with friends, feel free to take a snack with you!



This role will check in with panelists during the convention and will help to make sure panels and events run smoothly.

Core Responsibilities

  • Communicating with panelists and other staff with regards to panel needs 
  • Taking headcounts at panels
  • Ensuring events run on time, with the resources needed
  • Some setup and teardown before and after the convention

With regards to this position, the Team Member will need to be comfortable walking/standing for extended periods of time, as well as clearly communicating with panelists and fellow team members.


Great con memories last longer with great photos, and Furnal Equinox 2020 needs talented photography volunteers to capture the magic!

Core Responsibilities:

  • Working with the Photography Lead to identify, capture, and/or edit photographs taken at the convention to help fill specific orders or requirements, as requested.
  • Other Photography-related tasks as needed.

Please note that a portfolio/link to examples is required – please include it with your submission.


The Security Team is a customer service department, focusing on assisting attendees in a general capacity as well as providing a source of safety at event.

Core Responsibilities

  • Answering general attendee questions and directing them to locations where they can get further information (Convention Operations, Information Desk)
  • Monitoring the Convention space and serving as a representative of the Staff Team to identify issues of various types and to assist with resolution
  • Assist in managing the lines for large events.

WordPress knowledge required, DIVI knowledge an asset.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Updating and adjusting our website
  • Working with the publicity and art department

Please note that a portfolio/link to examples is required – please include it with your submission.


Good at writing in English? We are looking for someone to write text for our conbook, signage and website to name a few. Someone with experience writing blogs and articles, landing pages and social media support would be ideal. All work would be pre-convention.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Writing English texts for any department that needs it.
  • Have a high level of proficiency in the English language.
  • French fluency would be an asset

We are looking for someone with experience using Illustrator and In-Design to join the Art & Publication team! Send your portfolio or examples of your work when you apply. All work would be pre-convention.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Support the other designers for work related to Signage, Conbook and Branding.
  • Keep up to date with the tasks, respect deadlines.
  • Design banners, posters and any other items needed by other departments.