Our First Ever Virtual Event

Pixel Purrfect happens on March 19th – 21st 2021. We are SO excited to see everyone this year! Our team is working hard to create a fun, safe environment for all our attendees to enjoy. We hope you’ll join us for the totally radical and fun weekend ahead—but, before you do, we have some important information for you here, so check it out:


#FEPixelPurrfect REGISTRATION is OPEN and FREE on https://furnalequinox.com/. There is an option to donate when you register as well (more on that below). Registration grants you access to several things, such as the official Furnal Equinox Discord Server. There, you can chat with other attendees before and during the convention.

VRChat & Pixel Purrfect Website

Our VR-Hotel area is open to the public! More VR areas planned to open closer to Pixel Purrfect weekend require registration, such as our Dealers Den. The event website is also open to those who’ve registered—this is where you’ll be able to catch our livestream during con weekend, access our list of dealers, and more!

Donation Goals & Charity Split

While we wanted to keep Pixel Purrfect registration free for all to enjoy, we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you this awesome event. We alone can’t make events like these happen, and it isn’t just about us.

Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge, our partner charity, hasn’t been quiet during the pandemic. They’re putting bird feeders up near long-term care homes throughout the province. Not only do these birdfeeders provide safety and nourishment for birds in urban areas, but they also provide enjoyment and comfort to elderly people living in long-term care, who have been isolated and unable to receive visitors over the past several months. To find out more, please visit their website.

Pixel Purrfect is indeed a free event, but we’re asking for your support, and so is Hobbitstee. Every dollar raised (net of transaction fees) will be split 50/50 between Furnal Equinox and Hobbitstee.

Our donation goal for this event was $6,000, and since we’ve reached that already we are stretching the goal to $8,000! We’ll be keeping track of how close we are to that goal throughout the event. We welcome any support you can offer, but any donation over $5 gets you several perks, including: VIP access to our Discord server; the digital conbook; and a custom badge in our VRchat world. You can help us get started by registering and/or donating today!

Click here to register for Pixel Purrfect and support us with a donation.

If you’re already registered or want to donate without registering, click here

As always, make sure to follow us on social media and our website for updates on #FEPixelPurrfect. Thank you for supporting us and for being part of our ongoing story of transforming for the better.

We look forward to seeing you virtually in a couple of weeks!

Virtual Dealers Den in FE Pixel Perfect's V R World.