Code of Conduct

Last updated July 20, 2012


Our first and foremost goal here at Furnal Equinox is for all of our attendees — including you — to have fun and walk away with great memories of the weekend. To ensure that nobody's experience is less than it could be, as well as to ensure a good relationship with our host hotel, guests, and the general public for future years, we've developed this Code of Conduct for all attendees to follow.

This code should not be considered an exhaustive list of dos and don'ts. Any behavior that negatively impacts other guests, the operation of the convention, or our relationship with the hotel or general public will result in action being taken against those responsible. These actions, depending on the severity of the infraction, may include but are not limited to any combination of the following:

  • A warning from the convention committee, security, or staff;
  • Temporary removal from convention space;
  • Revocation of con admission without refund;
  • A ban from future events hosted by Anthropomorphic Events of Ontario;
  • Reporting to other parties including the hotel, the police, or other conventions.

The convention committee, staff, and security team of Furnal Equinox have the authority to enforce this document throughout the convention. In case of dispute, appeals may be made to the convention chair(s), whose decision is final.

By clicking the applicable checkbox on the preregistration page or signing the statement upon registration, you (the attendee) attest that you have read this document, accept its terms, and agree to be bound by it.

Limitation of Liability

By registering for the convention and accepting a convention badge, you agree that Furnal Equinox, Anthropomorphic Events of Ontario, and its associated directors, convention committee, staff and volunteers shall be indemnified and held harmless from any damage or loss of personal property, as well as any personal injury or death arising out of your attendance at the convention.

This agreement is binding upon you, as well as your heirs, next of kin, executors and administrators. If the attendee is under 18, the parent or legal guardian must agree on his or her behalf.

Identification and Badges

To be issued your convention badge at registration, you must present identification that provides proof of your identity and age. Valid ID can include a driver's license, Ontario Photo Card, passport, or Ontario photo ID health card. Personal information is collected in accordance with our privacy policy and will be kept confidential.

Failure to present proper ID or presenting fraudulent ID will result in you being asked to leave the convention area. If you believe you will have difficulty providing proof of identity and age, please contact Registration.

Once you have your convention badge, you must keep it on your person at all times in con space. Badges are not transferable under any circumstances. Concom, staff and security may request that you show your badge for admission to convention areas. If for any reason you are ejected from the convention for violating this Code of Conduct, your badge must be forfeited.

Should you lose your badge at any point throughout the convention, return to Registration for a replacement badge. A nominal deposit will be charged.

Underage Attendees

Attendees who are under 18 years of age as of Opening Ceremonies may attend provided that they present the Parental Consent Form at registration prior to being issued their convention badge. This form must be signed by their parent or legal guardian. Underage attendees will be issued a badge that provides access to all areas of the convention except those clearly marked and controlled by convention staff as 'mature'.

Individuals who are under 15 years of age as of Opening Ceremonies must attend under the direct supervision of their parent or legal guardian, who must be with them at all times. The supervising adult will be required to sign the appropriate statement on the Parental Consent Form — this gives us a record of who is responsible for looking after the children. Registration will note the adult's conbadge name and verify their identification when all concerned are present.

Keeping the Con "PG"

All convention space is designated as suitable for general audiences (i.e. PG rating), except for space clearly marked as 'mature' and controlled by convention staff. Furnal Equinox regularly welcomes young attendees, and attendees should conduct themselves in a manner becoming of an event welcoming of all ages, including but not limited to the following:

  • Artists and dealers must post "figleaf" stickers over the naughty bits of any explicit artwork, or keep such pictures in a "mature" portfolio and check badges before allowing it to be viewed.
  • Attire and costumes should not be unacceptably revealing or indecent.
  • While collars are acceptable, leashes are permitted only as part of costumes. Anything more suggestive (e.g. fetish wear and demonstrations) is not permitted.
  • Public displays of affection should be limited to what you'd show in polite company. Hugs are welcome, but anything more intimate should be done in private.

Please be courteous to your fellow attendees and make sure to keep yourself clean before venturing into convention space.

Harassment is not welcome at our event. Everyone, including staff, volunteers and attendees, has the right to freedom from harassment. ANY harassing behavior (physical, verbal or sexual) that attempts to intimidate, frighten, or coerce someone will not be tolerated.

Hotel Matters

Ultimately this is the hotel's space, and we want to be able to use it in future years. Please show the hotel staff, security, and property all the respect that you can!

For security reasons, we do NOT allow anyone to sleep in convention space.

If you're staying at the hotel, please leave your room in the condition that it was in when you entered it. This includes cleaning up any refuse and making sure that hotel property remains undamaged. Fire codes also require that only four people sleep in a room.

Be considerate of non-convention guests in the hotel and avoid disrupting any other events. Noise should be kept to a minimum at all times, especially during room party events. The hotel has a quiet hour after 11:00 pm, so make sure your parties are in "quiet mode" after this time. Hotel and convention staff will cooperate in giving violators ample warning before more drastic action is taken, but you will only get one warning before your event is shut down.

Please note that the individual renting any hotel room is fully responsible for all events occurring in the room for the duration of his or her stay. If a room party in your room gets out of hand, regardless of whether you were running the event, you are responsible. If there is damage to hotel property or excessive trash in your room, you are responsible.

Alcohol, Smoking and Other Substances

Alcohol will not be served at Furnal Equinox events, and may not be brought into convention space.

If you do choose to drink in private, please enjoy responsibly, and if you leave the convention after drinking, please don't drive. Please refer to taxi numbers and TTC schedules available in con space and at the hotel to get home safely.

The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19. It is illegal by Ontario law to consume alcohol if you are underage, or to provide alcohol to those who are underage. Failure to abide by this will result in referral to the police.

Smoking is prohibited in convention areas or anywhere in the hotel per City of Toronto municipal by-laws and the Province of Ontario's Smoke-Free Act. Individuals who wish to smoke should do so outside the building, at a sufficient distance from the hotel. Please be considerate and make sure to dispose of cigarette butts in provided containers.

The use, distribution, or trafficking of any illegal drug or controlled substance per the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act is a federal offense and will result in a report to the police.


Please don't bring your pets into con space for the protection of the animal and our attendees. Service animals (guide dogs and the like) are always welcome.


Weapons (e.g. swords, airsoft guns, pellet and paintball guns) may be brought to the convention for display as part of a costume or in an exhibit, subject to the following.

No real firearms are permitted in convention space under any circumstances. Laser pointers and sights are also not permitted. Items that clearly do not resemble a weapon and are marketed as toys (e.g. Nerf guns, water guns) are not required to be peace-bonded but are subject to all other provisions.

  • Before displaying or carrying a weapon it must be brought to Security for inspection and peace-bonding (except for toys as defined above). Security or convention staff also reserve the right to request inspections through the convention.
  • No weapon may be loaded with ammunition, made ready to fire, fired/swung/discharged in any manner, or used to threaten another individual. Exceptions may be made for special events with defined rules of engagement (Nerf tournaments, con photography, etc.)
  • You are responsible for the weapon at all times, including if it is loaned to a third party. Peace-bonding tags must remain on the item for the duration of the convention.
  • Displaying a weapon at the con is a privilege, not a right. Furnal Equinox reserves the right to suspend or revoke your privilege to display weapons, or to confiscate an item for the duration of the convention.


Sales of merchandise may only take place in authorized areas (Dealers Den and Artists Alley). Dealers assume ALL responsibility for adhering to provincial and federal laws for retailers, including the collection of sales taxes if applicable to your business, and must provide evidence of having complied with said requirements upon request.


Furnal Equinox's stance with regards to media coverage of the convention is covered in its Media Policy.

Furnal Equinox reserves the right to take pictures and video of events at any time in convention space for archival or promotional purposes, especially at major events which may prominently feature attendees. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed by FE staff, please inform staff or concom and we will do our best to honour the request.

Attendees may take photos and video recordings of convention events and attendees for their own personal and non-commercial use. Please respect the wishes of those who do not wish to be recorded or photographed.

Photography is not allowed in the Art Show, the Fursuit Lounge, or of merchandise in the Dealers Den (pictures featuring dealers are permitted).

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