We have heard concerns about hotel booking related to our new tiered access process. A number of attendees reported confusion and frustration with this process last year, and the revised process now in place was part of a proactive attempt to address those problems. 

We saw three options before us for our block opening this year:

1. Continue a “free-for-all” booking style as in previous years

2. A lottery system

3. A tiered hotel opening

In response to feedback and the ever-growing enthusiasm of our attendees, we concluded that opening at a single time for all attendees is no longer sustainable.  We determined that a tiered opening was the best option for us at this point in time. Tiered access to hotel books has been successfully used by a number of other conventions.

This system streamlines the booking process, reducing chances of overwhelming the system. Additionally, use of Westin’s booking portal has helped stabilize bookings. We believe this new approach will make things more manageable for attendees and staff alike. 

We understand the tiered opening is not perfect, and we are working to make further improvements each year to create a better booking experience. 

We appreciate your continued support for Furnal Equinox. As always, your feedback is invaluable, and it has helped inform some of these decisions.

We look forward to hosting you at the convention and ensuring your weekend is as enjoyable as ever.  Thank you for being a part of our community! 

Furnal Equinox Team