Last week’s terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol stirred a lot of discussion within our fandom. It is unfortunate that lives were lost, but we must understand that the same violence and hatred exist here in Canada, too. With this understanding, and in line with our commitment to progressive policies stated earlier this year, it is imperative that we at Furnal Equinox do our part in preventing similar events from happening in our country.

We wish to first extend thanks to those who reached out to us on social media, email, and personally. Your feedback and insight helps us improve. Special thanks to the BIPOC members of our fandom who assisted us in our continuing work on our Code of Conduct, as well as some new changes to our Apparel Guidelines, which include the following banned apparel:

  • Any apparel that resembles or gives the appearance of military or law enforcement
  • Any Nazi imagery and similar hate symbols
  • Any culturally appropriative attires, props, fursuits, or badges, including but not limited to those depicting racial stereotypes

Further, our goal has always been to provide a safe and inclusive space at all of our events. If you are an individual who condones the ideas or actions of those who stormed the U.S. Capitol, we have a very simple message for you: you are not welcome at Furnal Equinox.

If you have any concerns or questions for our team regarding our event or about our recent policy changes, you can email or see the FAQ section of our website for more information.

Thank you.

— Furnal Equinox Board of Directors