Greetings everyone,

Following up on our last announcement, the situation regarding the hotel remains largely the same. Due to renovations, double rooms at the Westin are in extremely limited supply, and many of them are in the section of the hotel currently being renovated. In addition, demand for rooms at the Westin is much greater than we’ve ever seen before — bookings are up an incredible 30% higher than last year.

Room Types and Confirmation Emails

The hotel is doing its best to fulfill commitments to the event, and we have worked with our booking company and the hotel to accommodate attendees as much as possible. We do not want anyone to feel surprised upon arrival at the convention, so we are striving for transparency about the situation with room availability.

On Monday, December 5th, the new hotel room confirmation emails were sent out. We apologize if there was any confusion with the email duplication on that day. Everyone should have received an email with information on the status of their booking. There were several possible scenarios for this round of emails:

1: You received a “resend” confirmation with your existing room type.

2: You received a confirmation with a different room type than initially booked.

3: You received a “waitlist cleared” confirmation, were taken off the waitlist and assigned a room. This may not have been the same room type you initially requested due to limited supply.

4: You may still be on the waitlist.

Room Availability and Dealers Rooms

Some attendees who initially requested double rooms were moved into king rooms with a complementary cot. We understand that some attendees may prefer to have a double room for a variety of legitimate reasons, but we are unable to provide this room type to everyone who requests it regardless of the reasoning — at present, there are physically no more double rooms available for general attendees.

The Dealers Block, which does contain a limited number of double rooms, is still set aside. Accepted Dealers received instructions on how to request a room in their acceptance email. 

Dealers who have replied to that message and requested a room booking will receive instructions to their email during the next 2 weeks while we assess room demand.

We will continue to monitor the demand for rooms and any cancellations at the Westin. Further, we will keep everyone updated on the situation and any additional options that may arise moving forward.

What You Can Do

If you booked a double room at the Westin and no longer require it, please cancel your booking as early as possible to allow us to accommodate those who may still be seeking one.

Once again, please do not contact the hotel directly at this time with questions about bookings through our portal.

If you have any questions regarding the confirmation email you received or anything else concerning your booking, please contact our booking agent at Keep in mind that they may not be able to fulfill some requests for changes at this time.

We know that not everyone will be happy with the options provided, but we hope that giving notice allows attendees to plan ahead. Thank you again for your understanding as we work through this situation.


The Furnal Equinox Team