Guests of Honour

Furnal Equinox is extremely pleased to welcome our Guests of Honour for Furnal Equinox 2014: Sabretoothed Ermine and Sandy Schreiber!

Sabretoothed Ermine

Beth Davies — better known as Sabretoothed Ermine — is proudly waving the flag as our Canadian Guest of Honour. Ermine started drawing anthropomorphic animals as soon as she could hold a pencil, including plenty of animal characters during her classes in school! She was the recipient of a cartoon art scholarship upon leaving high school and completed a year of university before deciding to pursue a full-time career as a freelance artist.

Ermine does most of her work digitally in Photoshop, but sketches with pencil and paper and has been known to dabble in acrylic paint and canvas work as well. She lives in Victoria, BC with her husband Cedar, and enjoys reading, board games, not-too-strenuous walks, and geeky nature documentaries in her spare time.

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Sandy Schreiber

Sandy Schreiber has been a long-time supporter of Furnal Equinox as a dealer for the past several years. She brings her experience as a professional artist for a number of comic publishers large and small, including the venerable DC Comics! She's recently begun painting porcelain china and stoneware, a very popular item at her dealers tables at conventions across Canada and the United States.

Sandy grew up with dreams of being an artist. After achieving a BA at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, she began selling hand-painted badges and prints. Following in the footsteps of other furry artists such as our own Heather Bruton and Terrie Smith, Sandy was eventually convinced to start drawing furry art... and hasn't stopped since. She lives in Michigan with her husband Gary, two cats (Muon and Tau), and a tank full of freshwater fish.

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