Guests of Honour

Furnal Equinox is extremely pleased to welcome our Guests of Honour for Furnal Equinox 2015: Xenotropos and H0rs3!


"Xenotropos" roughly translates to "about the alien", and is usually followed by "I can explain." She was told repeatedly in high school to stop drawing fantasy critters and animal people, and to start drawing sensible things like barns and beige landscapes that would sell better. She's very glad she ignored them.

She graduated from Sheridan College's illustration program, and prefers to work with traditional media such as acrylic inks, markers and pencils. Over the years she's done mostly private commissions, a few logos, and a great deal of layout work. Most recently she's started exploring "semi-3D" artwork for both wall hangings and badges. Attending Furnal Equinox as a dealer over the years gave her the courage to start working full time as a freelancer. She lives in Peterborough, Ontario (where she is a house artist for a role-playing convention in the area), with partner-in-crime Chall and Theo the cat.

Watch her on FA:


H0rs3 comes to Furnal Equinox all the way from Belfort, a town in eastern France, bringing a reputation as one of the fandom's most prominent animators with over 36,000 watchers on FurAffinity. A self-taught artist, H0rs3 began doing 3D modelling work to create custom maps for Unreal Tournament 2003. Joining the fandom soon afterwards, he soon moved into furry modelling, and by 2008 he was doing custom animations.

Working as an electrical engineer in his spare time, H0rs3 enjoys rhythm games such as DDR, In the Groove and Pump It Up, as well as first-person shooters. He currently lives with a pet cat, and is looking forward to a fair bit of partying at the FE arcade!

Watch him on FA: (caution: adult content)

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