The 2014 Dealers Den participants have been announced!

Dealers Den

Our Dealers Den is growing once again for 2014! We are welcoming a number of new vendors to our convention, and greeting some new ones as well — artists, sculptors, plushie retailers, fursuit builders, and more!

Here's a list of all the dealers that will be participating in this year's show. You can also download a map of the Dealers Den here!

(BPS) The Draptors Print Shop
Printing service for photos and artwork. Will also do large format scanning up to ledger size (11 x 17) and lamination up to legal size (8.5 x 14).

(PB) Fursuit Photo Booth
Fursuiters, get your picture taken at our photobooth by yourself or with a group! Then go next door for prints.

(1) MixedUpPup's Creations
Conbadges, novels, buttons, art CDs and more! Commissions will be accepted for completion after the con

(2) Con Merchandise
Pick up your supersponsor & sponsor con T-shirts here! We’re also selling 2014 T-shirts and merch from older years.

(3) Anyare & Nilwing
Full colour commissions, sketches, sketchbook commissions, reference sheets, badges, original artwork, prints

(4) Tiikay
Commissions (headshot badges, pony badges and DERP! badges) as well as buttons and mini prints.

(5) Animal Antics Apparel
Custom T-shirts and jewelry, as well as art prints and yarn tails

(6) Critterama / Squishables
Plushies of every size and species, including Squishables!

(7) Shiro Design
Conbadges and sketch commissions on site.

(8) Nina Haigh Photography
Photographer selling nature and animal prints, post cards and greeting cards. Framed prints also available.

(9) The Silver Dragon
Hand made jewellery in sterling silver and antique bronze in a variety of themes and styles. Custom pieces also available.

(10) Portly Possum
Finished fursuit pieces, fursuit parts, masks, poseable art dolls, buttons

(11) GOH – Sabertooth Ermine
Offering prints and more.

(12) Cutiecooty
Buttons, posters and commissions.

(13) Lolo
Badge commissions, comics, prints and personalized coffee mugs.

(14) The Tentawolves
Badges, T-shirts, bookmarks, buttons, magnets, commissions, books, charms.

(15) Kanthara
Original art, commissions, prints, art books.

(16) Anime North
Canada’s foremost anime convention, taking place in May 2013 in Toronto.

(17) Camp Feral / Bookshelf Bear
Furry literature including graphic novels and novels. Information on Camp Feral!, as well as T-shirts, also available!

(18) Patto
Badges, sketches, art CDs, wood burnings

(19) HotFrosting - Inoby
Selling comic books, art, badges and other fabulous things!

(20) Tigers~Kitten Creations
A freelance traditional artist selling 11x14" posters, 8.5x11" original art, bookmarks, magnets & commissions.

(21) GOH – Sandy Schreiber
Selling badges, on-site sketches, hand-painted china, original art and art prints.

(22) Heather Bruton Illustration
Art, prints, bookmarks and sketches

(23) Xenotropos
Offering con badges, original art, prints, "Semi-3D" artwork and badges, bookmarks, handmade books, stickers

(24) Caltroplay & KV1NN4
Sketchbook and badge commissions, buttons, bookmarks, portfolios and other trinkets. Free smile with every purchase!

(25) Serena Samborski
Offering traditional art commissions, pony art prints and game fan art. Find her on DA and FA as Sererena and read her comic, Angel Food (

(26) What The Fur
Furry convention in Montreal taking place in May 2014. Come register!

(27) ~HollyAnn~
Custom art commissions, conbadges, crocheted foxes, adoptable crocheted gryphons, buttons, magnets.

(28) Bix707
Original art, prints, art books and commissions. Sketchbook commissions for Con pickup through Sunday!

(29) Condition vs. The Monsters
Furry convention in London, Ontario in August. Registrations and memorabilia available.

(30) Houselion Studios & StickerPaws
Selling sketch commissions made at the con, plus pre-made and custom vinyl decals!

(31) Twisted Buttons
Buttons! Pre-made and custom! We accept Paypal and Interac email bank transfers.

(32) Northern Armour Studio
LARP costumes, foam weapons, leather goods and armour

(33) Jupiter Fox/Nostalgie Soaps
Commissions (sketches to full shading and reference sheets), badges, art prints and key chains.

(34) Neverwolf
The place for quality original traditional artwork! Including full-coloured commissions, badges, pre-made drawings and figurines!

(35) Realm of the Red Angel
Selling original art as well as prints. Will also be taking commissions.

(36) Max Blackrabbit/DCRabbit/gNAW/Style Wager
Sketches, comics, various trinkets.

(37) Hardblush Blushcomics
Books, prints, pay-site memberships

(38) Studio Eevachu
On the spot commissions, original art, art prints, bookmarks and other small things.

(39) Icepony
Nylon harnesses, vinyl decals and custom embroidery.

(40) Sweentastic Productions
On-site digital conbadge, ref sheet, and artwork commissions. Conbadge cases and fursuit blanks also available. Featured artist Sketh will also be accepting art commissions.

(41) Zanian
A writer that likes to explore limits and universes. Create a new universe or to give life to your fantasies!

(42) Milo Accessories
Plushies, posters, rings, wigs and hats

(43) Author Heidi C. Vlach
Self-publishing fantasy author selling books from her Stories of Aligare fantasy series – set in a society of 3 cooperative non-human races.

(44) The Art of Nicole
Animation student and freelance illustrator selling original art prints, keychains, bookmarks, and taking commission requests.

(45) Fun-Fur-All
Selling badges, lamination, lanyards, clips, custom artwork, sketch books, paws, tails, ears, fursuit repairs, furry rave gear, leg warmers, and cuffs. And... chocolate chip biscuits!

(46) GuiltyFox Apparel
Premium furry T-shirts and other merchandise from artists like SilentRavyn and Mitti. Visit or tweet @FoxesAreGuilty

(47) Cyber Pups Art & Glow
A variety of glow and LED novelties and dance/rave wear products. Unique portraits and woodwork art.

(49) Chains of Fortune
Hand-crafted chainmail jewelry and accessories – they are sleek and modern with a classic inspiration. Modest prices starting at around $10-12.

(50) Kikeri.arts
Undead-Kiwi figures made of both faux fur and clay. Also offering sketches, and fully inked drawings rated from PG – R.

Although we do not currently have registrations open for 2015, if you have any questions about selling in the Dealers Den, e-mail or read our Dealers' FAQ.

Artists Alley

Furnal Equinox's Artists Alley consists of a number of tables outside the Dealers Den that are available to interested artists. Best of all, they're absolutely free!

Artists Alley tables are distributed on a "first-come first-served" basis. Artists can simply talk to the coordinator in the Dealers Den at the con, and they will be assigned to a table if space is available. The coordinator may rotate people in and out to ensure that tables are fairly allocated.

Artists participating in Dealers Den or Artists Alley are required to comply with all rules set out by the convention, including respect for the shared table, not blocking traffic in the hallway, and ensuring all artwork is censored and/or kept away from underage attendees. Further details will be provided at the convention and on our website closer to the convention.

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