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Furnal Equinox 2015: Furry Arcade

Furnal Equinox is pleased to invite furries from across Canada and around the world to join us at the Furry Arcade from March 13-15, 2015!

Our theme pays tribute to the golden age of video gaming, and the games that we grew up with. The arcade has always been a place for people to gather, and we can hardly think of a better title that embodies our goal of bringing furries together.

We're entering our sixth year of entertaining the local fandom, and are returning to the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre in Toronto, Canada. The Sheraton is located just off of highway 401 and can be easily accessed from the airport, so no matter how you're travelling to Toronto, we're easy to get to!

Our Guests of Honour are excited to join us at the convention, too. Canadian GoH Xenotropos is joining us from small-town southern Ontario to show her vibrant art skills to us! And for our international guest, we're crossing the pond to get him — acclaimed animator H0rs3 will be joining us all the way from France!

We have plenty of announcements leading up to the con, so make sure to join the conversation on our Facebook page or on Twitter.
And don't forget to check out highlights from previous conventions, and special features, on our FurAffinity page and on YouTube!

Press Start, and join us at the Furry Arcade in March 2015!

Calling out to Fursuit Photographers!

There's no finer way to commemorate your favourite fursuiting moments than with stellar, high-quality photos that capture our good sides. However, Furnal Equinox is still in need of a photographer for our Fursuit Photography Booth!

Volunteer at the Furry Arcade!

Furnal Equinox is looking for volunteers to apply and help out with various areas of our convention!

No arcade would be able to run smoothly and safely without the aid of brave adventurers who go out of their way to make those convention levels safe from glitches and unwanted game-bugs. We’re calling out to those adventurers to aid Furnal Equinox in making our convention as glitch-free as possible!


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