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Thanks For Playing!

With all the quarters spent and joysticks worn out (literally, as our MAME machine's joystick broke), the doors to the Furry Arcade have closed for the year. While we wish the fun could last forever, we've still got many memories to cherish and another year ahead of us to plan for the next.

Over the weekend, we've broken some high scores of our own that we still can't believe happened. Furnal Equinox is proud to be the newest member of the 4-digit family of conventions, breaking in with a final attendee count of 1051 attendees over the course of the weekend. We also broke our high score of fursuiters in the Fursuit Parade with a total of 285 this year. Way to go, arcade fans - we PWN'd those scores! For those fursuiters looking for their photos from our Photobooth, you can find them here!

This year, the Furry Arcade raised a total of $9001 for the Mississauga Humane Society, bringing our cumulative donations to well over $30,000 in the six years of our convention running. We raise our controllers in salute to all our attendees who donated selflessly, making the lives of other critters happier and healthier - we could not have done it without you.

As with last year, we will be releasing our annual post-convention Attendee Survey by the end of the week to get your feedback on the convention! We'd love to hear your opinion - what you liked, what you didn't like, what you would like to see for next year, and so on. Keep your eyes and ears open for that!

We'll be returning soon, capes done-up and resolve sharpened, at Furnal Equinox 2016: "Superheroes" happening on March 18-20, 2016. Furnal Equinox is proud to announce our Guests of Honour for 2016, Karine Charlebois and TaniDaReal, who will join us that year in making sure our convention stays clear from dastardly villains.

We hope to see you all next year, and Good Game!

New Venue For Furnal Equinox

Furnal Equinox had a remarkably successful year in 2015, breaking 1,000 attendees for the first time and packing our host hotel to its limits!

A lot of people have commented, whether during the convention, on social media or in our attendee survey, that we're likely going to need to move to a new venue soon. And you're right -- we've been looking carefully at venues to host Furnal Equinox for the past several months, even before this year's convention. A lot of places have taken an interest in hosting us, and no wonder -- who wouldn't want a group like ours?

Supersponsor Badge Download

There has been a ton of interest in the supersponsor LED badge this year and a lot of people wanted to download the pre-installed badge animation to tweak on their own. You can download it by clicking here. Have fun!


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