We get a number of questions about Furnal Equinox every year, so don't forget to read through this page to make sure it's not already answered! If your question isn't answered here, feel free to send us an e-mail.

General Questions
Hotel and Travel
At The Convention
Dealers Den and Artists Alley

General Questions

Q: What is Furnal Equinox?
Furnal Equinox is a convention for fans of anthropomorphics ("furry fandom") that takes place annually in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more details about furry fandom and the convention itself, visit the About Us page.

Q: Where is Furnal Equinox being held this year, and how do I get there?
Furnal Equinox 2015 will be held at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre. For details on how to get there, visit our Travel page.

Q: How did Furnal Equinox get its name?
The name was suggested by local fur ShiroTora, based upon our date which falls close to the beginning of spring. The name is a play on "vernal equinox", the technical name for the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Q: How did Furnal Equinox begin?
Toronto has been home to a number of successful furry events over the years. However, until FE was founded, it had never been home to a traditional hotel furry con. In late 2008 and early 2009, there was a lot of grassroots discussion on local community websites, and this time all the ingredients were there to make a con happen. A number of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals came together as a result of these discussions. We announced the inaugural FE on Canada Day, 2009 (July 1).

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Hotel and Travel

Q: I'm crossing from the United States (or another country) into Canada. Do I need a passport?
Since June 2009, everyone arriving in Canada from another country requires a passport or equivalent travel document (such as a NEXUS card or enhanced driver's license). Depending on which country you come from, you may also need to obtain a visa as well.
We very strongly recommend you apply for a passport well before coming to Furnal Equinox.

Q: Where can I eat when I'm at the con?
The Olio restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine as well as a breakfast buffet, and food carts will be available in our convention space. However, there are also a number of reasonably-priced restaurants within a ten minute walk of the hotel including Montana's, Boston Pizza, Tucker's Marketplace, Tim Hortons, and even a couple of sushi bars! We do arrange discounts for attendees, so hold on to your conbadge when you leave the hotel.

Q: Can you help me find a roommate to share a hotel room with?
We encourage you to post on our official forums hosted on OntarioFurs.com. You can also make contact through social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. Make sure to choose your roommates wisely!

Q: Are room parties permitted?
While room parties are permitted, we ask that noise levels be kept to a minimal level, especially after the quiet hour of 11 pm. Hotel and convention security will be enforcing this. Please show courtesy to your neighbours.

Q: Can I get access to the Internet at the hotel?
Yes! New for 2015, complementary wi-fi internet will be available to hotel guests throughout the venue.

Q: How much does it cost to park my vehicle?
Parking at the Sheraton costs $7.50 per day. If you're a hotel guest, simply ask at the front desk to receive the discounted rate.

Q: How do I get to the convention by public transit?
Please refer to our Travel page for details on public transit.

Q: What else is there to do around Toronto?
As Canada's largest city, Toronto has a number of popular attractions, such as the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley's Aquarium, Hockey Hall of Fame and Toronto Zoo. All of them are easily accessible by Toronto's transit system. For a full list of suggestions, visit Tourism Toronto's website.

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Q: How can I pay for my registration?
If you are preregistering online, we accept PayPal as well as all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). You can also send your payment by mail; we accept certified cheques and money orders.
For those paying at the door, we accept Canadian cash and all major debit and credit cards.
Any payments by PayPal or credit card will be automatically converted to Canadian currency. Cash, cheques and money orders must be in Canadian funds only.

Q: Do I have to give my real name and address when I register?
Yes. We ask for this information to confirm your identity when picking up conbadges at Registration (we wouldn't want to give your conbadge to the wrong person!). We do not send registration confirmations by postal mail. Your real name, as well as all other personal information you provide, is kept confidential per our Privacy Policy.
When you register, you may select a Badge Name, which is displayed on your conbadge. This does not have to be your real name.

Q: Do I need to provide ID at registration?
Yes. There are no exceptions to this. Your identification must provide proof of identity and proof of your age (i.e. name, photo and date of birth). Examples include a provincial/state driver's license, a photo health card, or a passport. If you're not sure if your ID is acceptable, please contact Registration.

Q: How will I know if my registration has been received?
A confirmation e-mail is sent to you when your registration is processed. You do not need to bring this receipt to the convention, but it may be helpful in the case of any misunderstandings. If you didn't receive a confirmation e-mail, contact Registration immediately.
You can also log into your account and click "My Account", then click "Orders" to review your registration.

Q: I missed the preregistration deadline! Can I still attend?
Yes, we'd still love to have you! We sell registrations for the whole convention at the door, as well as single day passes that give you admission for the day of purchase.

Q: How do I upgrade or downgrade my registration?
Instructions on how to upgrade or downgrade your registration are provided in your confirmation e-mail. You can access your registration record at any time and change your membership level.

Q: I no longer plan to attend Furnal Equinox. Can I get a refund?
If you can't attend the convention, please contact Registration immediately. We will issue refunds based upon the following schedule:

  • You can cancel up until the preregistration deadline with no penalty.
  • If you cancel before the first day of the convention, your registration fee will be rolled forward to next year's convention.
  • If we don't receive any notice before the first day of the convention, we can't provide any refund or roll-forward.

Please be advised that refunds will only be issued in Canadian funds by your initial method of payment.

Q: I'm under the age of 18. Can I still attend the convention?
Minors are more than welcome at Furnal Equinox. However, due to liability issues we require your parent or legal guardian to complete the Parental Consent Form in its entirety. This must be brought to Registration before we can issue you a badge.
Please note, you must be under 18 as of the first day of the con to be considered a "minor". If you're 17 when you register but you will be turning 18 before the con begins, you do not need a permission form.
Attendees under the age of 15 must be supervised by their parent or legal guardian at all times in convention space.
Attendees under the age of 6 are admitted for free.

Q: I have a disability and require an assistant to get around the convention. Does my assistant have to pay?
If you have a recognized disability and require assistance from a support person on an going basis, Furnal Equinox will extend a complimentary membership to your assistant. Please contact Registration to request this.

Q: I volunteered at the con last year or won a Furnal Equinox promotion. How do I register?
You will receive a discount code via e-mail before the conclusion of preregistration. (If you do not receive one, please contact the department head that you worked under.) When you register, simply enter this code in the coupon box at checkout, and the appropriate discount will be credited to your total.

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At The Convention

Q: What's the rating of the convention?
Furnal Equinox's rating is "PG". All content displayed openly in public convention space including personal attire, artwork, fursuits and costumes, and conduct between attendees should reflect said rating. Concom, staff and security reserve the right to rule on the "appropriateness" of attire or conduct at any time. This may be appealed to the chair but their decision is final.
Any adult programming at the convention is controlled and restricted by security to attendees over the age of 18.

Q: I'd like to see a certain panel at Furnal Equinox. How can I make it happen?
We always welcome new ideas for programming and panels that will be of interest to our attendees, and the best way to make it happen is to run one! Simply e-mail Programming (programming@furnalequinox.com) to let us know about your idea.

Q: Who are the people in the red shirts?
The "red shirts" are on-duty members of our security team. They are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you might have, or redirect you to someone that who you can!
You can also talk to anyone wearing the distinct staff conbadge for assistance. Their role will be clearly printed on the badge, whether "chair", "concom" or "staff".

Q: How do I become a volunteer or part of staff?
We are always looking for people to help out and become involved in Furnal Equinox. If you're interested in becoming a volunteer or staff at FE, feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@furnalequinox.com. You can also volunteer at the convention by coming to Con Ops.

Q: I had an issue with the hotel or with a volunteer/staff/concom. What can I do?
You can bring your issue to Con Ops, or directly approach Security or the convention chairs. They are readily identifiable by their badges.

Q: I lost an item at the convention. Where can I locate it?
The Lost and Found can be located at Con Ops. Simply provide us with a description of your item, and we will return it to you if we have it. We maintain items that were lost, but items unclaimed for six months after the convention will be donated to charity or disposed of.

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Dealers Den and Artists Alley

Q: How do I become a dealer?
Simply fill out the application form on our website. Our Dealer Coordinator will review your application and let you know of the result. You do not have to pay for your table until your application has been accepted.

Q: Do I have to register separately for the con after buying a dealers' table?
Your dealer table registration includes one attendee-level admission to the convention. However, your assistants must register separately.

Q: I would like to be placed with another dealer / have a specific table location. Can you accommodate this?
When you register for your table, please let us know in your application, or let the Dealer Coordinator know as soon as possible afterwards. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but make no guarantees that we will be able to do so.

Q: Do I need a permit to sell in the Dealers' Den? Do I have to charge sales tax?
We don't require dealers to obtain permits or charge sales tax. However dealers assume ALL responsibility for ensuring that they have appropriate permissions to sell at the convention and are complying with tax laws. Furnal Equinox is not in a position to advise dealers with regards to this, and we recommend that you seek advice from a tax professional or consult the Canada Revenue Agency's website.
If you are collecting and remitting sales tax, the tax in Ontario is the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), charged at a rate of 13%.

Q: I have to leave my table during the convention. Will my merchandise be safe?
Dealers are welcome to leave their tables and enjoy the convention as they see fit. We have security on patrol within con space and in the Dealers Den at all times who will keep an eye on your merchandise (you may also nominate a person to keep an eye on your table). The Dealers Den is also locked at the close of business.
We do have volunteers who make food runs for you throughout the day... so if you're just craving something to eat, just let our coordinator know at the convention and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

Q: Does Furnal Equinox have an Artists Alley?
Yes! A limited number of Artists Alley tables are available outside of the Dealers Den room, and they will be made available to anyone interested on a first-come first-served basis. Further details will be announced closer to the convention.

Q: Will dealers be accepting Visa/MasterCard/Interac?
Dealers may decide at their discretion whether to accept any of these payment methods. Furnal Equinox does not run a "central cash register", so we recommend you ask before making your purchase.

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Q: How do you choose your Guests of Honour?
We look for the best that the fandom has to offer — individuals who have made specific and significant contributions to the life of the furry fandom through their creative output, whether in the form of art, fursuiting, writing, or musical performance. Traditionally we choose one Guest of Honour from Canada, and one from outside Canada.
If you have any suggestions for Guests of Honour for future years, please e-mail us — we try to avoid public discussions in order to avoid hard feelings.

Q: I want to publish a newspaper article / film a news segment / etc. about the convention. How do I go about doing so?
If you wish to report at the convention for the purposes of a publication in a newspaper, website, TV show, documentary, online magazine or similar, please read our Media Policy first and then contact us at pr@furnalequinox.com. You will have to contact us well in advance of the convention to obtain media credentials — we will NOT welcome press representatives arriving unannounced. While we apologize for the additional effort required, we do this to minimize disruption to our convention and its attendees.
The Media Policy does not apply to attendees who take pictures or video or write con reports for their own personal, non-commercial use.

Q: I'm worried about someone taking my picture at the convention. How do I stop somebody from taking my picture?
We encourage all photographers to ask permission first, but it is also possible for mistakes to be made. Furnal Equinox does take photos and video of selected events at the convention for promotional purposes, but cameras will always be conspicuously marked and you'll always have a means of avoiding them if you wish.
If you find a picture of you in an official Furnal Equinox photo gallery and you'd like it removed, e-mail pr@furnalequinox.com and we will remove or crop the picture as soon as possible. If the gallery is operated by a third-party site, you should contact the original photographer.

Q: I believe another attendee is a threat to me. Can you ban them from the convention?
We take a very dim view of any form of harassment or abuse. However, preventing someone from attending the convention is not an action that we take lightly, and is generally not one that we reserve for interpersonal disputes. We recommend that you simply avoid the other person at the convention.
If you encounter a situation like this, please make it clear to the other person that you want them to stop. Do not retaliate or abuse them in return. If they fail to stop harassing you, please report the incident to any on-duty Security staff.
Any harassment complaints that are made without proper grounds will likely result in YOUR removal from the convention.

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