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There's plenty of ways to get in touch with Furnal Equinox, including sending us a message on Facebook, Twitter, and FurAffinity.

However, the best and most direct way to get your question answered is to contact the appropriate department by e-mail. A full list of e-mail addresses, as well as the questions to direct to them, is provided below:

General Inquiries
If you have a question or inquiry that's not listed below and you're not sure where to send it, please direct it here.
Con Chair
For any urgent or high-level concerns. If not sure, please e-mail General Inquiries first!
Programming / Panels
Asking questions about events and panels
Offering to run a panel, or making a suggestion for one
Asking questions about registration (prereg or at the door)
Changing your registration information
Questions about the Dealers Den and Artists Alley
Becoming a dealer in the Dealers Den, or changing your dealer info
Art Show
Questions from attendees about the Art Show
Paying for your Art Show panel, or changing your artist info on file
Questions about available fursuit programming at the con
Signing up for events such as Fursuit Games
Asking questions about tabletop and video gaming at the convention
Offering board and video games for use at the convention
Offering an item or service for the Charity Auction
Asking questions about the charity
Questions about the dance
Applying to be a DJ
Questions about submissions (artwork or writing) to the conbook
Volunteering at the convention
Suggestions for website features
Corrections of content or troubleshooting of issues
Public Relations
Questions about advertising at the convention
Media requests for filming at the convention
Audio / Video
Inquiries re: audio or video equipment at the convention
Questions about security at the convention
Corporate / NPO
Questions about FE's governance or policies
Legal correspondence

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