2021 Virtual Dealers Den

Submission deadline: Sunday February 14th, 2021 at 11:59 PM ET

If we still have open slots by that date, we will make table assignments and continue to accept applications and make subsequent assignments.

To apply for virtual dealer space, please click the button at the bottom of the page to go to the application form. Please complete all sections. 


Once your application has been approved, we will provide you with a link through e-mail to pay for your shop. Your shop is not confirmed until payment is received. Please note that applying does not guarantee you will receive dealer space –  we reserve the right to approve or reject applications at our discretion. After your booth has been confirmed, our Dealers Den coordinator will contact you to obtain further information as required, and to keep you informed of any changes relating to the Dealers Den and other convention events. Confirmation emails should be emailed by February 23rd with invoice to follow.

VRchat Shop

Each dealer, Regular and Premium, will be assigned a shop in our Virtual Dealers’ Den (VDD). This consists of a virtual space that can be accessed in VRchat, populated by different dealers. We went out of our way to ensure that attendees will want to hang out in the VDD by making this our “centerpiece world”.  


Dealers will be given a template of the images they need to submit for their shop and will be provided with screenshots before the den goes live. We have templates to help you with the images you need to submit for your shop, and our staff will be there to help you!


Dealers will be given the dealer rank in our official virtual event discord server! You will have the possibility of posting an advert for your shop in the appropriate channel and making contact with potential customers. You will also have a channel where you can advertise when you are streaming (Feel free to stream art, crafting, presentation of your merchandise) just keep it PG!


On our convention website where the live stream is hosted, there will be a dedicated VDD list. You can put a custom banner and many product images depending on what type of dealer you are! This list can be searched by keywords and we also added a ‘feeling lucky’ button for people wishing to discover dealers without having to go through the whole list!

Each dealers table comes with a ticket to give you full access to the virtual convention.

Regular Dealer


  • Maximum of 4 images on your website page. 
  • VRchat shop with 3 layout options

Premium Dealer


  • Everything a Regular Dealer receives
    Maximum of 10 images on your website page.
  • VRchat shop with 3 layout options + 2 extra options for an outside banner
  • Your banner is bigger on our website and always at the top of the list
    One banner advert spot on our website

Adult Dealer

We are accepting adult shop applications. However, adult dealers can only register as Regular dealers and will NOT get a VRchat shop. Our adult dealers will appear on an age-gate list on our website that is seperate from our PG dealers.


Have questions? Need clarification?

Our Dealers Den staff is happy to help, please feel free to contact us at dealers@furnalequinox.com

WIP Photos


This is a Work in progress preview of our website’s dealers den. Premium dealers will be at the top of the list with bigger banners.

work in progress photo of the dealers den page on the website


This is what the VRchat shops will look like. Dealers will have a choice of predefined base colors, ceiling and floors but the rest is up to the dealer to customize as they please!
work in progress photo of the dealers den page on the website


Due by

11:59 PM ET
Sunday February 14, 2021