To Our Friends at What The Fur

June 9, 2017 • By Ronnie

It’s never “goodbye”, but “see you later.”

Furnal Equinox is deeply saddened to hear that What The Fur will be closing after its 2017 convention.

What The Fur and Furnal Equinox both started in 2010 and have been intertwined in many ways, including several shared staff between our respective events. We have always considered them to be treasured partners and collaborators, with the common goal of providing fun experiences to furries in Eastern Canada. What The Fur’s closure not only leaves an absence in our community fabric, but also speaks to the challenges and difficulties of running a convention.

The FE Community would like to give our thanks to convention chairman Feli, along with his team of dedicated staff, for their perseverance and service over the past eight years. We also thank the attendees who have contributed to What The Fur’s success through their attendance and participation, whether as dealers, panelists, attendees, or sponsors.

In keeping with making this “the biggest and best year of the convention” yet, many of FE’s staff are looking forward to attending What The Fur 2017 at the end of July to help make that a reality. We sincerely hope that you’ll be able to join us in Montreal next month.


The Furnal Equinox Community

More information can be found regarding What The Fur’s closure on their website, by clicking here.