Meet all the people who make the magic happen… or become one!

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All of our convention staff and volunteers — from the chair right down to our gofers — are volunteers. Every aspect of our convention happens with volunteer help, from when you first check in at Registration, to every panel you attend, to the AV crew that puts together the awesome dances.

Our volunteers take time out of their busy schedules, giving their spare time to make sure the convention can run off successfully. Without them, Furnal Equinox simply wouldn’t happen. As time goes on, though, our convention grows, and we try to offer more to our attendees — or people have other commitments and need to pass on the responsibility to someone else.

That’s where you come in.

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More information about volunteering can be found in our volunteer information package.

Board of Directors

Scani Chair


To quote rock legend Paul Simon — I’m “still crazy after all these years”, but proud to be the front man as we come to downtown Toronto. As a musician myself, this year’s theme of Rock the Fandom really resonated with me, and I hope that you’ll enjoy everything we have planned this year and help contribute to it in your own way.

Aaeden Volunteers


Aaeden has been rocking the fandom since 2004, and is intent on getting the best danged pit crew for Furnal Equinox’s 8th year! It takes a lot of elbow grease and long nights to put on a show this big, and he can use all the help he can get. Good thing there are a lot of awesome furs out there looking to lend a paw!

Arc Security


“I’ve been working like a dog at furry conventions so long I’ve become a working dog” is the tongue-in-cheek reason behind this particular purebred’s persona. As an AEO Board member, Master of Ceremonies, and also as Chief of Security since the start, Arc is a Super-husky that’s dedicated to making sure all the other Superheroes of con are safe…and following the rules!”

Mune Programming


My name is MuneKIT! Artist, writer, and fursuiter! I am Director of Programming for this amazing con! If you see me about, come say hi!

Olefin Operations


Director of Operations coordinating Con Ops, logistics, AV, and IT. Grand ambitions of rock concert crowd surfing in fursuit…for science!

Department Leads

Ace Shep Dance


DJ Lumberjack Rockdog from Toronto. Film student and artist. With my turntables, guitar and drums in hand, I’m super excited to be your dance coordinator by mixing it up to bring the party to you!

Blastgoggles A/V


How do we do it? VOLUME! Roadies are the unseen legends of rock that work tirelessly to put the show up, keep the talent sounding their best and making the show go to 11! You won’t see much of my crew and I, but that just means we’re doing our job! Check one, two! LET’S ROCK!!

Chaos Husky IT


I am Chaos, the ever-changing husky who thrives in the discord of the Internet but brings harmony coordinating the Information Technology services at Furnal Equinox. I have been working with Furnal Equinox for 2 years now and enjoy meeting old friends again and new ones each year.

Draculion Sponsor & Supersponsor Experience


A golden dragon in charge of the horde of shiny perks and swag items for our amazing Sponsors and Supersponsors! You’ll find me up at the crack of dawn working away on many new exciting things for Furnal Equinox. Feel free to chat or make suggestions if you see me flying by!

DrgnKaa Dealers


IT Professional, reptile owner, and an aviation fan. I was originally a Dealer at FE – now I get to corral and wrangle them all!

Flow Charity


Flow here! I’m the Charity kitty for Furnal Equinox, and super excited to be part of the rockstar team for 2017! You’ll see me running around the convention all the time – don’t be shy to come up and say hi!

Frostscar Art Show


I’m a humble Arctic fox who enjoys sitting in his den making fursuits and organizing the art show. I play Magic: The Gathering and enjoy baking delicious food-type things.

Gauge Fursuit Track


Biochemist, Sports Fan, Fursuiter, Aspiring Artist, Professional Derp. Head of the Fursuit Track at Furnal Equinox. Addicted to cute, fuzzy canines.

Greysnowcat Logistics


Con logistics by day, party animal by night. I’m out to save the con from the evils of Logistics, and put a smile on your face!

Nyxks Conbook


I’m a graphic artist/designer, web designer and photographer and I’ve been part of FE for several years. I’m a Newfoundland Wolf who is very active, which means I can be found out and about at the con with or without my other half. Please say “hi”, I don’t bite!

Paroscin Registration


Dragons are the only ones qualified to handle all the con’s gold…err, money! I’ve been doing various tasks at the convention for 4 years and now act as head of registration. Visit me at the registration desk when you get a chance!

Rithnok Oversight


Head of Oversight at Furnal Equinox, Star Dragon that also happens to be a Master of Finance and Taxes. Remember to submit your taxes on time, lest I find you in my clutches…*scowl*

Ronnie Public Relations & Social Media


Give Ronnie all the social media and public relations, they said. It will be fun, they said.

Underbite Art Liaison


Hey there, I’m Underbite! I’m a new guy to the Toronto scene, and I’m honoured to handle FE’s visual content and brand. I have a background in graphic design, illustration and pretending to be a rock star drummer.

Welnis Con Ops


Hey I’m Welnis! I’m here to make sure these Rock Stars have the instruments at their disposal to make sure this con rocks!