Animator & Illustrator

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Patto has been a long standing member of the furry community.

Starting out as an admirer of dragons and fantasy, drawing during classes (and getting yelled at for it!) to high school it was inevitable that she would surely end up pursuing a career in the visual arts.

Her fascination with the Furry fandom first took off during her university years when she attended Sheridan College in Oakville, graduating with a degree in animation. Her experience in college gave them their first real taste of the furry fandom by meeting some of the nicest people they know today through the program. Later this would lead to them becoming much more involved through the art network and online communities.

Rent needed to be made and it was out with summer seasonal jobs! They were never any fun so rather than answering to the supervisors of poor full time seasonal employers (We all worked at Wonderland at some point) she settled for earning a buck for rent off of her own talent.

Patto has experience in the animation industry having worked for both gaming and animation studios. None however were quite as enjoyable as being self-employed and doing freelance art for a living where commissions were taken on at a day-to-day basis.

Formerly an invited guest of Camp Feral, Furaffinity United and Elliott’s spring gathering, and having worked with hundreds of customers – She aims to pursue self improvement with her work by continuing to take commissions as a day-to-day job and couldn’t be happier within the community. She’s been attending Furnal Equinox since it’s very start and haven’t missed a single year since!

(Photos by Patto)