Submit A Panel

As our event moves onto a virtual platform, the way in which we conduct panels will be changing as well. This will allow us to continue to enjoy the knowledge and talent held by our community while remaining safe and socially-distanced. These can be presented either in a live or a pre-recorded format, both of which will be included into our programming.


Pre-recorded panels are encouraged for several reasons: 

  • They can be recorded at your leisure;
  • They can be edited and may include graphics;
  • They can be captioned before showing to improve their accessibility;
  • They can be screened while you appear in a live chat room to interact with your viewers.


While the decision on whether a panel is made public rests with you, the panel must be premiered at FE 2021’s virtual event. 


The topic of a panel should ideally be connected to the furry fandom in some way, although this is not limited to exclusively furry subjects. The subject of a panel can include art streams, gaming events, social meets, talks, presentations, and anything in-between! We would also encourage the conducting of a charity drive as part of your panel for this year’s charity, Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge. Therefore, if you have knowledge or talent to share, please do consider submitting a proposal today!

Please note that all submissions must be in line with our Code of Conduct, and an appropriate age rating must be selected:

  • For any panel submissions marked as adult, please note that any and all real life mature/NSFW content is prohibited, and only such content that is drawn or otherwise created will be permitted. Adult-rated content will be age-gated for safe-guarding purposes, and any links to external websites shared by the applicant should also be age-gated.
  • For any panel submissions marked as below a PG-13 rating, no NSFW content may be permitted. 

Any submissions which violate our Code of Conduct, or are assigned an inappropriate rating will be rejected. Any live panels which violate their rating will be subject to feed interruption, and may bar the applicant from attending future Furnal Equinox events.

We also ask that pre-recorded panels are made in respect of COVID-specific legislation in the region/country where you live (such as rules on social distancing, mask-wearing, etc). Upon approval of a proposal, the team will contact applicants by e-mail with instructions either for streaming for live panels, or for a file drop for pre-recorded panels.

Proposals for panels may be submitted by 11:59pm EST, January 31st 2021, and will be reviewed by our Panels team as they are received. 


Due by

11:59 PM EST
Sunday January 31, 2021