Media Policy


Furnal Equinox appreciates the potential interest of the press in our event and in the fandom at large. However, we also respect and uphold the comfort and right to privacy of our attendees at all times.

This policy aims to define the standard actions the convention will take when dealing with the media.

Media Access

For the purposes of this policy, “media” includes any person involved in publishing material for the general public. Included publications may include but are not limited to newspapers, magazines, TV programs and news broadcasts, documentaries, radio shows, and online blogs. This policy also covers journalism students and other freelance projects — if there are any concerns on whether this policy applies to you, please contact us.

Any member of the media that wishes to cover the convention must contact the Communications Coordinator / Media Relations Coordinator (e-mail no less than two weeks in advance of the convention’s opening ceremonies. The following information must be provided in the request:

Media arriving at the convention “on spec”, or submitting a request beyond the deadline, will not be granted access under any circumstances.

Furnal Equinox concom will inquire into the credentials of the media source and make a decision of whether to grant access appropriately. We will always make our decision in the best interests of our attendees and reserve the right to refuse any request.

If Furnal Equinox staff elect to admit media to the convention, we will make every reasonable effort to disclose this information to our attendees through website postings and other announcements well in advance of the convention.

Media Responsibilities

All those attending the convention as members of the media are required to abide by the following guidelines during the entire duration of their time in convention space:

Media failing to follow these restrictions will be asked to destroy all recordings or photographs and will be escorted from convention space.

Attendees of Furnal Equinox should be aware of their right to “opt in” or “opt out” of media coverage at any time; those who choose to opt in should also be aware of their status as an ambassador for the fandom, and conduct themselves accordingly.

Any attendee of the convention who witnesses unidentified media personnel is asked to contact convention staff immediately.

Attendee Photos and Video

Attendees are welcome to take photography and videos of convention events, and share reports of their convention experience (we encourage this, actually!) However, all photos and video can only be used for personal, non-commercial use and may not be used for any commercial purpose without the permission of Furnal Equinox.

This policy is also not intended to keep “amateur media” who cover furry-relevant topics from being present at the convention. However, we still strongly recommend that anyone seeking to conduct interviews, even if it would be of interest to attendees, should contact Publicity first so accommodations can be made.

When taking pictures or video, attendees are reminded:

Questions or clarifications on this policy can be directed to the Communications Coordinator / Media Relations Coordinator at