Livin’ Large – Wrap Up!

March 20, 2018 • By Ronnie

Commemorative trophy for former Chairman of Furnal Equinox, Scani

The furry-dollars have rained, the glamour and swagger stowed away, and another fantastic year wrapped in the books.

We couldn’t have asked for more from Canada’s biggest furry event, and one that prides itself in a premiere experience with the most passionate community we could ever know.

So what were our results for 2018’s extravagant party?

  • Attendees: 1830
  • Fursuiters: 540
  • Charity Donation: Over $6000 (includes last-minute donations and Closing Ceremony auction)
  • Total Charity Donations To Date: Over $50,000 to Ontario-based animal charities and sanctuaries
  • Frens, feels, and memories: Waaaaay too many
    • We also want to recognize the transition of our Chairman position from its previous holder, Scani, to our new Chairman of Furnal Equinox, Aaeden. The former has held our family together closely, and over the past four years helped mold it into the well-loved community it is today. We want to especially thank Scani for his years of leadership at Furnal Equinox, and hope you’ll be excited with our new Chairman as he carries the torch. We also want to extend our thanks to each and every Staff and volunteer member whom this convention could not possibly function without. You’re all superstars, each and every one of you!

      We know that our attendees have plenty of feedback, and we’re already looking forward to building 2019’s event with your input. Our Attendee Feedback Survey will be released on March 24th and will conclude on April 14th – keep an eye out on our social media and website for future updates as we cool down from the roaring success of 2018.

      From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for allowing us to enrich your life with our community. We’ll see you next March at Furnal Equinox 2019: Graduation!