Introducing our Fursuit Fiesta!

February 1, 2018 • By Ronnie

Our fursuiters are always ready to party. Now you can join their fun!

Furnal Equinox is changing things up with #LivinLarge in many ways, including bringing fresh ideas to our community and drawing inspiration from others. For our 2018 convention, our Fursuit track masterminds are eager to roll in a new event for all of our attendees: the Fursuit Fiesta!

Instead of having our attendees sidelined with their cameras, we’ll be replacing the Fursuit Parade with a more social atmosphere where you can get your photos taken with your favourite fursuits, or your biggest fans! We’re embracing the ability to bring our attendees and our fursuit performers closer together in celebration, similarly to some other conventions south of our border, complete with some fan-friendly background music and plenty of cameras to satisfy even the most demanding star’s needs. You might even find yourself overwhelmed by an army of boisterous paparazzi flashing their DSLRs at you – can you say “red carpet treatment?”

We’ll also have plenty of space and cooling available for our fursuiters with both quick access to our Headless Lounge, along with plenty of cooling and hydration throughout the Fiesta. We’re making sure that our performers are as comfortable, catered to, and crowing for those fans and cameras without worrying about heat or exhaustion.

Are you ready for the Fursuit Fiesta and the chance to mingle with your favourite characters? Bask in your fans and the aura of #LivinLarge? Grab a selfie or ten? We’ll be waiting for you to join us in March!

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