Guest of Honour: Dr. Wildlife


Dr. Wildlife, commonly referred to as “Doc”,  is a zoologist focused on saving endangered species through creative solutions. A lifelong animal conservationist, Doc has helped with projects around the world from rehabilitating injured seabirds in South Africa to tracking tigers in central India. 

Their involvement in the zoological community has so far spanned 13 years and has included such positions as Aquarium Manager of the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park to Species Survival Researcher at the Smithsonian Institution. They are currently the Product Operations Manager for, the world’s first virtual zoo showcasing immersive animal experiences from the world’s top accredited zoos, sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers.

When not conducting research or at work, Doc uses their fursuits to do creative forms of science communication through Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and even in person at scientific gatherings such as EarthX.