Guest of Honour: Sanguine Games

Furnal Equinox: Tales From the Tavern is excited to announce the Knights of The Round Table (or who some of the nobles refer to as “Guests of Honour”!)

Established in 1999, Sanguine Productions wanted to take advantage of opportunities made available by the World Wide Web. The outcome was the birth of IRONCLAW, an anthropomorphic role playing game, and the first published work of Sanguine Productions.

Since then, they have had great success in the furry fandom. Sanguine has continued to create and publish games while working with artists and writers within the community, including releasing a video game in recent years.

Furnal Equinox: Tales From the Tavern is proud to announce that Sanguine Games shall be one of the Knights of the Round Table!


Norman Rafferty will represent the guild of Sanguine Games at The Tales of the Tavern!

Norman is an active member of the furry fandom who began his career drawing cartoons for Shadis, Knights of the Dinner Table, and Dork Tower. He later became one of the founding members of Sanguine Games, where he has contributed to Ironclaw, Myriad Song, Farflung, Urban Jungle, Usagi Yojimbo, Vital Hearts, and a plethora of other projects. He is mainly active at night.