Fursuit Fiesta: Updates & Signups!

February 21, 2018 • By Ronnie

It’s a huge, star-studded party – so what’s the hot gossip?

We don’t want to leave our attendees hanging when it comes to the fun and frolic of Furnal Equinox’s events – whether you’re in costume or not, you’ll be able to get in on the sights and sounds of our newest party! Here’s what you can expect (and how you can get involved) with our Fursuit Fiesta:

Fursuit Group Photo

We couldn’t possibly be Livin’ Large without taking the LARGEST group photo in Canada’s fursuiting community. At the start of our event (Saturday at 2 PM), the first fifteen minutes will be dedicated to organizing and taking our group photo courtesy of our Staff photographers. Afterwards, the photo sessions will be broken into smaller photobooths. Read below!


Some of you may have experienced the photobooths of our fellow furry cons south of the Canadian border – at Livin’ Large, we’re implementing a similar system where you get to be stars of your own photobooth! Got a theme you’d like to show off? Want to get a pack of your fellow species together? We welcome all ideas – but remember, at a party like #LivinLarge, you want to shine as bright as you can with your Photobooth theme!

Click here to sign up for a Fursuit Photobooth slot!


What more could you want with a mass of fursuiters and attendees just waiting to see you? Like all good parties: dress in your best, show your best smile (or snarl), and get to schmoozin’! There will be plenty of cameras to capture your paw-some looks, and even more attendees that want to see you strut your stuff. With many of our attendees looking to get their big debut at Canada’s premier furry convention, you’ll be sure to feel at home and enjoy being among your fellow furs – whether you’re a new attendee or seasoned veteran.

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