Fox Amoore

Composer & Musician

Fox Amoore is a furry musician based in Scotland.

Over the last 10 years of being in the fandom he has gained a global reputation and following for his epic styled soundtrack music and his Piano playing. Having started playing Piano at the age of 4, there was no doubt for him his life would be nothing but music (and maybe a Guinness or two).

He’s known for two of his albums “Come Find Me” and “The Dreamcatcher” which were recorded with live Orchestra at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. He has released several home recording studio albums as well as various soundtracks for Nintendo, Steam video game releases and stage productions.

He frequently performs with Pepper Coyote under “Foxes and Peppers”, so much so that they released a collab album “Hashtag” and are already working on their next one for Nashville in 2017, as well as writing a furry musical for Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno later in the year. When not creating music he is a keen globe trotter – from Europe, Australia, Asia and soon all fifty US states, scenery and nature are some of of his primary sources of inspiration.

He’ll be performing many of his own works at FE and looks forward to making some delicious poutine disappear.

(Photos courtesy of Fox Amoore)