Conbook Submissions Extended!

February 18, 2016 • By Ronnie

Our Conbook Submissions have been extended by 5 days to accommodate for more entries – if you’re still hoping to submit your original artwork and/or literature into our conbook, you’ve got until February 23rd to do so! Read blow for more details.

Our heroes are remembered not only through their deeds, but through depictions and stories of their heroic actions. At Furnal Equinox, there’s no better way of displaying that than our Conbook. We’re calling out to all artists and writers to help us honor our furry heroes, honoring them and all their awesomeness through art and literature!

Furnal Equinox 2016 is looking to collect original, non-copyright submissions of artwork and literature to feature in our Conbook. For budding artists and writers, the Conbook is a great way to showcase your work for all of our attendees to see. In addition, all credit for original works will be featured to you, so that you’ll be known as part of the heroic team that makes our Conbook that much more entertaining.

Artwork submissions for the conbook should be as follows:

  • Minimum 300 dpi.
  • Grayscale or Black & White.
  • Relevant to “Superheroes” theme, and original work – please do not use copyrighted characters!
  • Sketches will not be accepted – we encourage all our artists to present a finished piece of work rather than a rough draft.

For our friends that enjoy writing literature and poetry, we invite you to submit your works to our Conbook as well. Please keep the word count for all works under 1000 words, and remember to make it relevant to the Superheroes theme!

All submissions should be sent to with the title of “Conbook Submission”. Don’t get caught up fixing your capes in the process, as our Conbook submissions will end on February 15th, 2015! If you have any questions about the submission process, please feel free to e-mail with your questions.

Go forth and flex those creative powers of yours – we hope to see your work in Furnal Equinox 2016’s conbook!