“Project: Conbook 2.0” Reveal!

Posted December 13, 2017 by Ronnie

Livin’ Large means standing out from the crowd – we’ve got something planned to help you do that.

The creative critters at Furnal Equinox have been working tirelessly over the past few months to bring our latest experiment to life at Furnal Equinox 2018 – one which gets everyone in on the action. Presenting…Conbook 2.0!

Conbook 2.0 Cover

How does this work? It’s pretty simple:

  • Year-specific content will be included, such as Programming and Dealers information – looking extra-glamorous, as expected!
  • Other ads, stories, and graphics submitted could also be included – the rest is for you to decide what to fill with, whether with themed page templates (details to come) or something else. Like a yearbook or scrapbook for your FE 2018 moments!
  • This limited-edition hardcover conbook will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis at the convention, subject to availability – Sponsors and Supersponsors are guaranteed one with their pre-registration. Haven’t registered yet, but want to get your hands on one? You can pre-register online for Furnal Equinox 2018!

    Many of us love creating a special and personalized experience at cons through memorabilia, artwork, and more. Conbooks are an artifact that get overlooked often, but have endless potential for creating and storing your unforgettable memories and favorite moments. So we’re re-imagining our conbook and its space for those moments that make Livin’ Large special to you.

    Got something you’d love to show off in our Conbook, and can’t wait until Furnal Equinox? We’re also accepting Conbook Submissions now!

    Conbook 2.0 Cover

    It’s only three months until you’re able to get your paws on Conbook 2.0, and more of Livin’ Large’s stylish swag at Furnal Equinox 2018. Don’t wait – register today!

    Furnal Solstice – Secret Santa, Volunteering, Potluck & More!

    Posted December 6, 2017 by Ronnie

    Furnal Equinox

    It’s now less than two weeks until Furnal Solstice lights up the holidays!

    Secret Santa

    We are bringing back our Secret Santa from last year’s Secret Santa as part of the fun! What will your gift be this year? What creative muscles can you flex for your own gift?
    A few guidelines for our Secret Santa:

  • Under $20 for gifts – it’s the thought that counts! Or, get creative and make something!
  • You may only receive the gift you are assigned to!
  • Make sure you show up before our Secret Santa draw (at 6 PM) so you can have a chance to participate!
  • We’ll have more details coming up in our pre-Furnal Solstice reminders, which will be announced next week before the event!


    A party like ours needs willing paws to ensure things run smoothly, and we’re looking for more to help with various things – whether it’s assisting with food preparation or monitoring our entertainment corners, we’d be grateful for your help in making our furry gathering happen. Your volunteer hours will also count towards Furnal Equinox 2018 volunteer hours, which can nab you some sweet perks at the end of the convention!
    If you’d like to volunteer for Furnal Solstice, send an e-mail to leah@furnalequinox.com and we’ll follow up with you on what we need, and how you can help warm up the holiday season at Furnal Solstice.

    Potluck & Programming

    Ever wanted to host a panel or event, but didn’t feel comfortable doing it at a convention? Our smaller, more relaxed environment at Furnal Solstice is a great place to start. Fill out our application form out now to host an event!
    For those that like to whip up a storm in the kitchen, or are just fans of good food, we encourage you to participate in our pot-luck dinner and bring something to share with our family. Things we’d love to see include:

  • Pastries, such as pies, quiches and puffs
  • Desserts
  • Shareables and appetizers
  • Drinks, such as canned soda or water bottles
  • Things we’d not-love-to-see:

  • Common allergy foods (e.g. peanuts, nut products)
  • Dog / cat food
  • Pineapple on pizza (just joking!)
  • Dinner will be starting at 5 PM, so please try to arrive earlier if you plan on contribute! If you need more information about what you can or can’t bring, let us know at info@furnalequinox.com and we’ll be glad to help.

    Event Info

    Remember that you can find all the information about our event on our Furnal Solstice page, located under the “Attend” tab of our website. We’ve also got our official Facebook event page for those that want to keep in touch and chat with everyone going – don’t forget to check it out!

    Staff & Volunteer Positions Available!

    Posted November 20, 2017 by Ronnie

    Furnal Equinox

    It takes more than snazzy looks and bling to run Toronto’s largest furry convention.

    As Canada’s largest furry convention, our community continues to grow beyond our expectations with each year. With that growth comes increasing responsibilities and tasks to handle before, during, and after the convention to make sure we’re Livin’ Large without chaos (unless you’re a macro). Our team’s looking to expand in order to meet those needs, and we’re looking at the people that make all the difference at our convention: you!

    We’re looking for enthusiastic, positive furries that don’t mind donating their time and skills into making Furnal Equinox bigger and brighter. No matter if you’re a newcomer to the furry community, or a seasoned veteran that’s seen it all, we want to see all applicants!

    We’ve got many openings for different departments, each of them offering a variety of experiences and skills to learn and enhance by helping out at Furnal Equinox. We’re also adding new positions as we continue towards Furnal Equinox 2018, both in Volunteer and Staff capacities, so keep checking back for new opportunities. If you’re not sure where you’d fit in, you can sign up as a Volunteer and indicate your preferences and interests.

    Want to be a part of our team? Click here to check out what positions we’re looking for!

    Furnal Solstice 2017 – Updates!

    Posted November 17, 2017 by Ronnie

    Furnal Equinox

    We’re just a month until we celebrate the holidays together!

    It’ll be a frosty season as guaranteed by Canadian weather, but we guarantee that our community will help warm things right up. Here are a few updates that you’ll want to know:

    Date, Time, and Venue

    Furnal Solstice will be held on December 16th, 2017 starting at 12 PM to 8 PM at the McGregor Park Community Centre. More details on our Venue can be found on our Furnal Solstice page, linked below or under “Attend”.


    Furnal Solstice this year will be $20 per person, payable at the door by cash and/or credit/debit card. We’re always growing in both numbers and in demands, and with your support, we promise to continue delivering an awesome holiday experience for you – filled with food, fun, and friends!

    Programming & Vendors

    We’ll be providing some light entertainment options such as video games & board gaming. In addition, this year we’re doing something a little different with our “events”: we want to have YOU involved in putting on some entertainment and programming for our holiday party! Want to host a group discussion session about your favorite cartoons? Thinking about getting people involved in a little dance contest? Click here to submit your programming or event idea that you’d like to host!

    For those looking to spread a little holiday cheer by offering artwork or small wares, we’ll be providing first-signup-first-serve table space at no charge. Want to sign up for a table space? Click here to access the table sign up form!

    Food, Refreshments, & Potluck

    As with our traditional for Furnal Solstice, we’ll be providing some staples for a holiday feast fit for our furry family – anyone that’s attended in previous years can attest to that! We’ll also have light refreshments, such as snacks and soda, available throughout the party. However, our main focus is on our community coming together to create something special for each other, and part of that is contributing a little something to the feast. Though not mandatory to attend or enjoy our event, we highly encourage bringing a shareable food or beverage offering – click here to indicate what you’re bringing for our potluck. For more information on what you can/can’t bring, send us an e-mail at info@furnalequinox.com.

    Announcements & Groups

    For those that are active on Facebook, we’ve got our Facebook Event now live! Head on over and let your friends know you’ll be there – and share it with them, too! We’ll also be posting regular updates to our Twitter account and Telegram Announcement Group, so be sure to tune into those for all the latest and greatest on Toronto’s furriest gathering.

    You can find more details about Furnal Solstice under the “Attend” tab on our website. We hope to see you there with us!

    Overflow Hotels Now Available!

    Posted October 24, 2017 by Ronnie

    We’re excited to announce some overflow hotel options for you!

    With less than five months to go until Furnal Equinox 2018, we’re dedicated to taking care of our community – and that means making sure everyone has a place to stay. With our convention block at the Westin Harbour Castle swarming with furries, we’ve been looking for overflow options nearby – and thanks to our wonderful partners at Andromeda Consultants, we’ve scored some overflow hotels just for you!

    Furnal Equinox

    The Strathcona Hotel is offering overflow hotel rooms once more for Furnal Equinox! Located right across from Union Station, Toronto’s transit hub, The Strathcona is a compact hotel just minutes away from our main venue. You’ll find lots of nearby restaurants, shops, amenities, and much more within a short walk. Book your stay in one of their stylish and modernized “Smart” rooms starting from $145 CAD/night.

    Furnal Equinox

    The Intercontinental Toronto Centre is our newest overflow hotel, and one of Toronto’s signature luxury accommodations. Located only one block away from The Strathcona Hotel and Union Station, it features stunning hotel room views of the city and Lake Ontario, and is in close proximity to Toronto’s biggest attractions such as the CN Tower and Ripley’s Aquarium. If you’re looking to really get into Livin’ Large and enjoy our city in style, Two Double Bed/One King rooms at The Intercontinental start at $199 CAD/night.

    Both hotels come with complimentary high-speed wi-fi and many other perks, respective to each hotel – you’ll be able to find more information on their website links on our Hotel page. You’ll also help support our convention by showing our hotel partners that Livin’ Large is in demand!

    Both of our overflow hotel options are available for booking through the links found on our Hotel page (under the Venue tab), but don’t delay – overflow hotel bookings end on February 23rd, 2018! Guarantee yourself a place at Canada’s most extravagant furry convention!

    Click here to visit our Hotel page for booking & information!

    Special Guest: Fox Amoore!

    Posted October 5, 2017 by Ronnie

    Furnal Equinox

    One of the furry fandom’s most celebrated musicians is Livin’ Large with us!

    As many of our attendees remember, we had a paw-stompin’ time at Rock The Fandom with Pepper Coyote joining us as our Special “Musical” Guest and bringing his unique personality and talents to our convention (and he loved our poutine!). At Furnal Equinox 2018, we’re pleased to be announcing that we’ve got another Special Guest lined up for your musical needs: Fox Amoore!

    We can’t wait to have the melodic maestro of maw-dropping music join us in 2018, and we hope you’ll be just as excited to show him how Canadian conventions are Livin’ Large. He’ll be attending the convention for all three days – you’ll be able to find him serenading audiences on the stage, promoting his merchandise in the Dealers Den, or wherever they serve Guinness.

    Click here to learn more about Fox Amoore!

    Furnal Solstice 2017!

    Posted October 2, 2017 by Ronnie

    Furnal Equinox

    Furnal Solstice is returning once again!

    That’s right, furries – we’re continuing our tradition to help bring in the Canadian winter with some fuzzy cheer and warm friends! ….or is it warm cheer and fuzzy friends?

    When and where will Furnal Solstice 2017 take place?

    We’ll be hosting our annual winter event on December 16th, 2017 from 12 PM to 8 PM for an afternoon and evening of fun. We will be moving the event to McGregor Park Community Centre for this year, located on the southwest corner of Lawrence Avenue and Kennedy Road in Scarborough.

    What will the admission be for Furnal Solstice?

    We’re still finalizing the door price for admission – it won’t be vastly different than last year ($15), so fear not!

    How do I get there?

    The community centre is easily accessible by driving or transit.

  • The address for McGregor Park Community Centre is 2231 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1P 2P5.
  • Parking on-site is free for those travelling by vehicle or carpool.
  • TTC Bus Routes 54 and 17 make stops close to the centre.
  • For those taking transit, you can travel by subway to the community centre by getting off at Warden or Lawrence East station and hopping onto one of the bus routes mentioned above. The centre is a few minutes’ walk away from there.
  • Will there be holiday food & refreshments served like last year?

    You bet! We’ll have a variety of light snacks and drink refreshments available throughout the event, as well as a holiday dinner towards the evening. We are continuing the pot-luck style of buffet that we’ve had in the past, and welcome everyone to bring a dish to contribute to this annual furry feast. More information to come soon on what we’d like to see for pot-luck!

    What’s there to do?

    We’ll be releasing information about programming and things to do closer to the event. Last year, we had many things going on from musical performances to video games – and much more!o

    Why is Furnal Solstice moving to a new location?

    We’ve decided to move to McGregor Park’s facilities as Earl Bales is undergoing renovations for 2017. We hope to return to their new-and-improved facility for Furnal Solstice 2018.

    Stay tuned to our social media channels for more updates on our holiday event – and remember to tell your friends!

    Panel & DJ Submissions Open!

    Posted October 1, 2017 by Ronnie

    Furnal Equinox

    Got something extravagant you want to host? Livin’ Large on the bass from our speakers? We want you!

    We know many of you have been excited for our Programming, and now we’re excited to see your contributions to our convention.

    Panel Applications

    We’re looking for panelists to bring their expertise and their energy to our biggest convention yet! Are you an expert at therian discussion? Do you have tips and tricks you want to share about building fursuits? We welcome all panelists to apply and show us what you’ve got – and this year, we’re even offering some perks for those that put in more time and effort into hosting panels and events. Want to find out more? Check out the link below.

    Click here to apply to be a panelist at Furnal Equinox 2018!

    DJ Submissions

    Many of our attendees got to experience the electrifying (not literally), jaw-dropping set-up of our dances last year – from the interactive LED dance floor assembled by our amazing A/V team, to the lasers spinning and swirling into the night. What brings it all together is a bangin’ soundtrack that makes our attendees jump and dance around, and now, we’re looking for DJs that can bring that magic back to FE 2018. From paw-stomping Hardstyle to a melodious journey through Trance, we want your sound to grace our stage.

    Click here to submit an application to DJ at Furnal Equinox 2018!

    Autumn Updates & Reminders!

    Posted September 15, 2017 by Ronnie

    Furnal Equinox

    We’re closing in on the six-month mark to Livin’ Large – here’s what’s happened so far.

    It’s been a overwhelming but exciting transition into our 2018 convention cycle, and we’ve got no plans of stopping anytime soon. There’s plenty of action left to reveal and open, but all good things come in time – especially when it comes to Canada’s largest furry convention.


    Our Registration is still open, and will remain open for pre-registering all the way until February 23rd. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t miss out on your chance to save money and guarantee Furnal Equinox’s continued growth. You can find all our membership levels and prices on our Registration page. Our Early Bird prices start from $45 for regular Attending membership, with more swag increasing with each level. Early Bird prices will run until November 26th (at 11:59 PM EST), at which time they’ll increase by $5 for each level. Don’t forget to tell your friends to pre-register as well!


    We’ve answered many calls and questions regarding our hotel block at the Westin, and we’re working hard on finding our attendees more rooms to help improve your convention experience. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way – stay tuned to our website and all of our social media channels for announcements regarding hotel room additions! If you’d like to find out more information about our Main Venue, visit our Venue page here.

    Travel & Rental discounts have yet to be determined from last year, as we continue to work with our wonderful partners at Andromeda Consultants to get you here at an affordable cost. Keep your eyes and ears out for news regarding deals as we move into the Fall!

    Dealers & Artists

    Dealers Den applications are full to the brim, with any further applications going to our waitlist. For Dealers that have not heard back regarding their application/payments, please send an e-mail to dealers@furnalequinox.com

    Artists Alley applications will be opening starting in January 2018. More information on the Artists Alley can be found through the link below.

    Click here to find out about Vendors & Artists!

    Programming & Dances

    Programming submissions are expected to be opening in late September, and we’ve changed a few things around regarding panelists – as our way of saying “thanks” for helping to put on Furnal Equinox’s entertainment, we’re introducing panelist rewards for Furnal Equinox 2018! Basically, you’ll get some nifty rewards for the number of hours you spend putting on panels for us.

    DJ Applications for our Dances will also be announced towards the end of the month, and we’re aiming to top the muzzle-dropping show our A/V and Dance team put on last year. Got some sick tracks you want to blast into the night? Furnal Equinox’s stage is the perfect place to do so.

    Staff & Volunteering

    We’re ALWAYS looking for enthusiastic, team-oriented individuals to help out before and during the convention – and you’ll get some great perks as our thank-you! If you’d like to be a part of our team, keep an eye out for all of our Staff and Volunteer call-outs in the near future.

    Don’t forget to follow us on social media (Twitter here, and Facebook here) and get yourselves ready to join us for #FE2018!

    An Important Announcement

    Posted August 18, 2017 by Aaeden

    We don’t need any introduction to recent local and world events playing out around us – anybody can watch the news or look at their social media feeds to determine that. Many of these events have had a more personal impact on the furry community over the past several months, and as Canada’s foremost furry event, it’s our duty and obligation to speak to some of these issues.

    As you deserve to know where we stand, Furnal Equinox’s position is best summed up in three points:

    • We believe that the strength of the furry community, and the entire global community of which we are a part, is based upon the diversity of backgrounds and experiences we share with one another. We are a creative fandom, and diversity helps encourage creativity.
    • We oppose ideologies and groups that are against this diversity. These groups have historically engaged in aggressive persecution of ethnic and religious groups, and LGBT people, in the name of nationalism. Their ideologies were defeated, discredited, and degraded, at the cost of millions of lives in war. They don’t deserve attention in neither our space, nor the public space.
    • Attendees to our event enjoy the protection of our Code of Conduct, specifically section 8d: We are committed to inclusivity in our events and providing a welcoming environment to all… Any harassment or discrimination to any individual or group is unwelcome at our event.

      Attendees also enjoy the protection of Canadian laws such as the Ontario Human Rights Code and Criminal Code of Canada (in particular, the sections around “public incitement of hatred”).

      If you use our event to deny others these protections, you are not only in violation of Furnal Equinox’s Code of Conduct, but also in violation of the law. You can expect the matter will be handled by not only our Security team, but by local and federal law enforcement. Citizens of other countries should note that this may impact your future admissibility to Canada.

    Furnal Equinox has always been proud to welcome all attendees, regardless of race, colour, national origin or ancestry, creed or religion, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or age – and we further commit ourselves to this.

    We invite all of you to help us do this by calling instances of harassment and intimidation that take place — at our event or in our social media presences — to our attention. For events outside these spaces, the most appropriate avenue is law enforcement.

    We deeply appreciate the love and care you all demonstrate for the furry community – and look forward to keeping it going!