Fursuit Photobooth & Fiesta Photos!

Posted April 2, 2018 by Ronnie

Photobooth captures from Furnal Equinox 2018

The fursuiters at Furnal Equinox were plenty, and so were our cameras.

Did you get your magazine-style cover shot at our Photobooth? What about during the Fursuit Fiesta and all the rowdy action happening? Our friends at Dragonscales Photography were back at it again this year, snapping hundreds of photos throughout the weekend. Check out their awesome work on their website, listed below!

Fursuit Photobooth

Fursuit Fiesta Group Photo

Fursuit Fiesta Photobooth #1

Fursuit Fiesta Photobooth #2

Our 2018 Attendee Survey Is Live!

Posted March 24, 2018 by Ronnie

Commemorative trophy for former Chairman of Furnal Equinox, Scani

We know you’ve got feedback to help us improve. We want to hear it all.

Every year, our mission to bring the best Canadian furry con experience gets bigger and more challenging with our ever-growing attendee numbers and diversity. That’s why we take into account every piece of information we can get from our attendees, and use it to directly influence the next big event we’ve got. We believe in being for the community, from the community – and with that in mind, your input helps us grow into a stronger family that works with each other.

Help us make your next Furnal Equinox better by filling out our survey!

Livin’ Large – Wrap Up!

Posted March 20, 2018 by Ronnie

Commemorative trophy for former Chairman of Furnal Equinox, Scani

The furry-dollars have rained, the glamour and swagger stowed away, and another fantastic year wrapped in the books.

We couldn’t have asked for more from Canada’s biggest furry event, and one that prides itself in a premiere experience with the most passionate community we could ever know.

So what were our results for 2018’s extravagant party?

  • Attendees: 1830
  • Fursuiters: 540
  • Charity Donation: Over $6000 (includes last-minute donations and Closing Ceremony auction)
  • Total Charity Donations To Date: Over $50,000 to Ontario-based animal charities and sanctuaries
  • Frens, feels, and memories: Waaaaay too many
    • We also want to recognize the transition of our Chairman position from its previous holder, Scani, to our new Chairman of Furnal Equinox, Aaeden. The former has held our family together closely, and over the past four years helped mold it into the well-loved community it is today. We want to especially thank Scani for his years of leadership at Furnal Equinox, and hope you’ll be excited with our new Chairman as he carries the torch. We also want to extend our thanks to each and every Staff and volunteer member whom this convention could not possibly function without. You’re all superstars, each and every one of you!

      We know that our attendees have plenty of feedback, and we’re already looking forward to building 2019’s event with your input. Our Attendee Feedback Survey will be released on March 24th and will conclude on April 14th – keep an eye out on our social media and website for future updates as we cool down from the roaring success of 2018.

      From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for allowing us to enrich your life with our community. We’ll see you next March at Furnal Equinox 2019: Graduation!

      It’s Nearly Here – Final Reminders!

      Posted March 11, 2018 by Ronnie

      We’re less than a week away from Canada’s snazziest, best-dressed furry extravaganza.

      Got everything you need for a weekend of star-studded celebrations? Can’t wait to hop on your plane, train, car, or dragon and make your way? We want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to be Livin’ Large.

      Want your own personal packing checklist to download and/or print? Click here! (PDF)

      Travel & Parking

      We know many are traveling into our city for the first time. We’ve got our Travel page which includes methods of getting here, parking prices and tips on where you can park. The Westin’s valet parking service WILL be $25/night, which is a 50% discount from their standard. Space is limited with a first-come-first-serve basis, so please familiarize yourself with all available parking options – there are several lots nearby, and you can still unload your gear at the Westin first.


      To get into the convention and enjoy everything we’ve got, you’ll need your badge. Remember, you must have your own government-issued Photo ID to register or pick up your badge. We cannot make any exceptions for this policy.
      If you’ve pre-registered, you can pick up your badge as early as Thursday from 6 PM to 10 PM. If you haven’t registered for the con, or are arriving later than Thursday, you can grab your badge starting 9 AM each day of the convention until the posted closing time for that day. See below for our daily schedule that has all the times you’ll need!


      Our convention schedule will be available both in our Conbook, which you can pick up after your con badge, and online on Sched (link also available on our Events page). You can also download the Sched app onto your mobile device and have it handy – and if you plan on attending an event, be sure to indicate your attendance too! Just login, and click the little circle beside the panel/event name.

      Convention Information

      You won’t be Livin’ Large if you can’t find your way around, or know what’s going on! We’ve got all of our information about Events, Exhibitors, Charity, and more happening at Furnal Equinox all over our website. Our Conbook will also have a plethora of information about what’s happening, and where/when you can find it. If you have need for information at any time at our convention, we’ve got our Staff members that are more than happy to assist as best as they can. You can find out more about at-con services below!

      Need Help At The Con?

      Our Staff and Volunteers are always happy to help as best as they can to ensure a smooth convention. Don’t be afraid to ask if you’re in need of information – stations such as our Volunteers and Con Ops, located around our convention centre, are great places to start for info. You can also tweet at us at @FurnalEquinox during the convention, and we’ll try to answer as quickly as possible.

      Pack Accordingly

      Check your list twice (or better yet, use the one that we’ve made linked at the top), and make sure you’re not forgetting anything! If you do, or you’d rather pack light and purchase some items when you’re here, there are retails and amenities of every kind close by. The Westin also has its own “tuck shop” stocked with snacks, toiletries, and other basic essentials open during regular retail hours.

      We’ll see you in Toronto, superstar!

      If you’ve got any questions about what else you’ll need for the convention, or need help in general preparing for Furnal Equinox, we’d be more than happy to assist you. Let us know at info@furnalequinox.com and we’ll advise as best as we can on how you can make your con absolutely Livin’ Large!

      What You Need For #FE2018!

      Posted March 2, 2018 by Ronnie

      Everyone’s getting ready to look their best and be #LivinLarge – but don’t forget the essentials!

      With only two weeks left until Toronto lights up with the most outlandishly-dressed and extravagant critters, there’s a chance you might be forgetting a few things with your fancy clothes and furry bling! No worries – that excitement gets the best of us. We’ve got you covered on all the not-as-glamorous-but-super-important things that you’ll need to enjoy yourself at all times of the con.

      Want your own personal checklist to download and use while packing? Click here! (PDF)

      Documentation & Super-Important-Stuff

    • Government-issued photo ID is the MOST important thing that you’ll need! You’ll need it to pick up your badge, or to register for one. There are NO exceptions to this rule, so make sure you’ve got it with you!
    • Your passport if you’re travelling into Toronto from outside the country. We don’t want you to be stranded on your way to all the fuzzy festivities. Don’t forget to also have any relevant travel documents, such as your eTA for those flying in (does not affect US citizens. Find out if you need an eTA by visiting the Government of Canada’s website)
    • If you’re a minor, don’t forget your completed Parental Consent form. You can find a copy on our Registration page.
    • Payment method(s) for your Registration, and for everything else essential – such as food and transportation. And all those commissions in Dealers Den.
    • Travel itinerary, including and transportation and hotel accommodation, just in case you need to reference details. Emergency contacts are good to have here, too!
    • The Basics

    • Enough clothing for your stay – both your snazziest clothing, and some that are a little more comfortable.
    • Toiletries including hygiene and medicinal items – if you forget any, there’s a tuck shop in the Westin and a pharmacy close by.
    • Chargers & power banks that’ll help you stay charged up and connected to all the action happening. And to continue those Telegram chats.
    • Sleeping accessories and aids, if you’re a light sleeper and want to get the best rest you can. We recommend rest!
    • Some refreshments to keep you hydrated and fueled – trust us, you’ll want at least a stash in your room.
    • Con Basics

    • Convention info in an easy-to-find format, whether on your mobile device or on a print-out. We’ll also have our Conbooks!
    • An easy-to-carry bag for all your goodies.
    • Your sketchbooks/pads if you’re looking to get your character stylized and looking their best.
    • A camera if you’re all about paparazzi-ing all those snazzy outfits you’ll be seeing around!
    • Any bling you want to show off – badges, pins, buttons, patches – it’s all about flaunting your style!
    • Extras & Specifics

    • Any specific medicines/device aids that can assist with whatever you need it to.
    • Cooling devices and cleaning agents for costumers and fursuiters – EVERYONE will appreciate it during the course of the con!
    • Things you’d like to share, whether it’s an awesome party game or something to wow the audiences, perhaps!
    • EXCITEMENT! Because that’s definitely a requirement. We’re not biased. We promise.

    • If you’ve got any questions about what else you’ll need for the convention, or need help in general preparing for Furnal Equinox, we’d be more than happy to assist you. Let us know at info@furnalequinox.com and we’ll advise as best as we can on how you can make your con absolutely Livin’ Large!

      Fursuit Fiesta: Updates & Signups!

      Posted February 21, 2018 by Ronnie

      It’s a huge, star-studded party – so what’s the hot gossip?

      We don’t want to leave our attendees hanging when it comes to the fun and frolic of Furnal Equinox’s events – whether you’re in costume or not, you’ll be able to get in on the sights and sounds of our newest party! Here’s what you can expect (and how you can get involved) with our Fursuit Fiesta:

      Fursuit Group Photo

      We couldn’t possibly be Livin’ Large without taking the LARGEST group photo in Canada’s fursuiting community. At the start of our event (Saturday at 2 PM), the first fifteen minutes will be dedicated to organizing and taking our group photo courtesy of our Staff photographers. Afterwards, the photo sessions will be broken into smaller photobooths. Read below!


      Some of you may have experienced the photobooths of our fellow furry cons south of the Canadian border – at Livin’ Large, we’re implementing a similar system where you get to be stars of your own photobooth! Got a theme you’d like to show off? Want to get a pack of your fellow species together? We welcome all ideas – but remember, at a party like #LivinLarge, you want to shine as bright as you can with your Photobooth theme!

      Click here to sign up for a Fursuit Photobooth slot!


      What more could you want with a mass of fursuiters and attendees just waiting to see you? Like all good parties: dress in your best, show your best smile (or snarl), and get to schmoozin’! There will be plenty of cameras to capture your paw-some looks, and even more attendees that want to see you strut your stuff. With many of our attendees looking to get their big debut at Canada’s premier furry convention, you’ll be sure to feel at home and enjoy being among your fellow furs – whether you’re a new attendee or seasoned veteran.

      Interested in seeing what other programs and events we’ve got? Click here to view the schedule!

      One Month Until We’re Livin’ Large!

      Posted February 19, 2018 by Ronnie

      You can feel it in the air – it’s almost here!

      That’s right: there’s just less than a month until Furnal Equinox and its attendees come roaring into Toronto, dressed in their best and ready for the fuzziest party in Canada! There’s plenty of sights, sounds, and special events that will be happening – as always, we want you to be a part of it by being as prepared as you can! Here’s what you’ll want to know leading up into the final month until the convention.


      Registration is available at-the-door at our convention, starting at 9 AM on Friday, March 16th! You can find all of the prices on our Registration page, along with what perks certain levels can get you. If you’re buying at the con, we recommend waking up early and getting there!

    • If you’ve pre-registered, you can pick up your pre-registration badge on Thursday evening, starting at 6 PM. This is ONLY if you have pre-registered.
    • Hotels & Travel

    • Hotel rooms are no longer available at convention block rates, but there are still plenty of options around the downtown core of Toronto to find. Learn about possible hotel options by visiting our Venue page!
    • You can also find a link to ConRoomies, an ad board for those looking for potential room partners, on our Venue page.

    • Travel deals and guides on how to get to Furnal Equinox are available through our Travel page! Courtesy of our event partners at Andromeda Consultants, we want to help you experience the most convenient travel options to our city. That includes parking, too!
    • Charity

      Our Charity partner for Furnal Equinox 2018, Happily Ever Esther Animal Sanctuary, has been dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected, and abandoned farmed animals since 2014. Check out our official Charity page highlighting their mission here!

      Programming & Dances

      • Programming schedule has been released on Sched! You can find the schedule by clicking here, or by visiting our Events page. Don’t forget to bookmark the website on your devices for convenient access at the convention!
      • Fursuit Fiesta is now taking requests for Photobooth timeslots, along with more details for our attendees looking to party it up with our finest and fuzziest. You can find all the details by clicking here!
      • DJs have been confirmed for all of our nighttime dances! We know how much our party animals love to get wild with the BPM’s we offer – you can check out who will be dropping what sounds with our DJ line-up!
      • Gaming tournaments & sessions that are being hosted in our Lounge now have a dedicated page! Want to test your skills against the best of Furnal Equinox? Check out what gaming events are happening here!
      • Dance Competition sign ups are now available for all those that want to go up against Furnal Equinox’s finest! The competition is always intense, the crowd is always roaring, and the floor is always ready for more talent. Are you up for the challenge?

      Dealers, Artists Alley, and Art Show

    • Dealers Den & Artists Alley lineups for each day have been finalized! We hope your wallets our ready, because the plethora of goodies to take home will be. You can find the Artists Alley lineup, and Dealers Den Map on our Vendors & Artists page!
    • Art Show applications are now closed, and taking waitlist applications only! View more information on our Art Show page.


      We’re always, ALWAYS looking for friendly faces and helpful paws (ideally together) to be part of our ever-growing team. Looking for ways to give back to the community? Want to earn some free swag and make some friends in the process? We’ve got all the information you need and potential roles on our Volunteer page – join our team today!

      Don’t forget to follow us on social media at our Twitter and Facebook pages, and join our Telegram Announcement group for all the latest updates. Get yourselves ready for #FE2018 – and we’ll be back soon with more updates on Canada’s premiere furry con!

    • *Notices Your Apparel Guidelines*

      Posted February 9, 2018 by Ronnie

      Our community prides itself in being an open, accepting space for your personality.

      There’s no shortage of individualism and expression in our community – both at Furnal Equinox, and in the Furry Fandom as a whole. We pride ourselves in creating a space for all of our attendees to comfortably express themselves in a respectful and safe manner so everyone has a great experience.

      At Furnal Equinox, we want to keep you up to date on all the important details of our event, and we have some important information about our public appearance in and around the convention space. These details are extensions of our Code of Conduct, which all attendees agree to when registering, and are aimed at helping every attendee understand the limits and boundaries in public decorum. After all, we LOVE seeing everyone’s ways of expressing their personalities – just remember that we’re sharing the space with many others, too!

      Click here to access our Apparel Guidelines, a detailed explanation of our policy on public appearance and attire during different periods of the convention – you can also access the document in our Code of Conduct. We also have our FAQ updated with questions you may have about this policy. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know by e-mailing our resident Director durgon, draculion@furnalequinox.com and he’ll be happy to assist.

      Our attendees are unique and express themselves differently, and we’re striving towards making our community an open space for all while ensuring common courtesy and safety. We look forward to seeing you in March!

      Introducing our Fursuit Fiesta!

      Posted February 1, 2018 by Ronnie

      Our fursuiters are always ready to party. Now you can join their fun!

      Furnal Equinox is changing things up with #LivinLarge in many ways, including bringing fresh ideas to our community and drawing inspiration from others. For our 2018 convention, our Fursuit track masterminds are eager to roll in a new event for all of our attendees: the Fursuit Fiesta!

      Instead of having our attendees sidelined with their cameras, we’ll be replacing the Fursuit Parade with a more social atmosphere where you can get your photos taken with your favourite fursuits, or your biggest fans! We’re embracing the ability to bring our attendees and our fursuit performers closer together in celebration, similarly to some other conventions south of our border, complete with some fan-friendly background music and plenty of cameras to satisfy even the most demanding star’s needs. You might even find yourself overwhelmed by an army of boisterous paparazzi flashing their DSLRs at you – can you say “red carpet treatment?”

      We’ll also have plenty of space and cooling available for our fursuiters with both quick access to our Headless Lounge, along with plenty of cooling and hydration throughout the Fiesta. We’re making sure that our performers are as comfortable, catered to, and crowing for those fans and cameras without worrying about heat or exhaustion.

      Are you ready for the Fursuit Fiesta and the chance to mingle with your favourite characters? Bask in your fans and the aura of #LivinLarge? Grab a selfie or ten? We’ll be waiting for you to join us in March!

      Interested in seeing what other programs and events we’ve got? Click here to view the schedule!

      Programming Schedule Now Available!

      Posted February 1, 2018 by Ronnie

      Panels, performances, events, socials, and MORE!

      You’ve all been patiently waiting to see what programs and events we’ve got in store – and we’ve been excited to bring back some favourites along with some exciting new material including a massive celebration of our community: the Furry Fiesta! Read more about this extravagant new event from our Fursuiting team!.

      View our official Programming schedule here! You can also view Sched on your mobile device – be sure to bookmark our event for easy access all throughout #FE2018.