Art Show

A gallery of the fandom’s finest creations.

What is the Art Show?

The Art Show at Furnal Equinox is a gallery-style section of our Dealers Den that features some of the best works by furry artists at Furnal Equinox. Artistic works and crafts displayed at our Art Show contain a variety of genres and craftsmanship, all designed to bring a “Wow!” out of our viewers.

For artists and artisans, it lets your best works be seen in the spotlight of our Art Show, and potentially fetch a great price from our attendees bidding on works. For attendees, you’ll be able to bid on pieces that tug at your heart (or wallet) – or give you an idea of what to save your money for in the Voice Auction!

If you’d like to display or sell in our Art Show, click here to look at our Information Package.

Applications Open!