An Important Announcement

August 18, 2017 • By Aaeden

We don’t need any introduction to recent local and world events playing out around us – anybody can watch the news or look at their social media feeds to determine that. Many of these events have had a more personal impact on the furry community over the past several months, and as Canada’s foremost furry event, it’s our duty and obligation to speak to some of these issues.

As you deserve to know where we stand, Furnal Equinox’s position is best summed up in three points:

  • We believe that the strength of the furry community, and the entire global community of which we are a part, is based upon the diversity of backgrounds and experiences we share with one another. We are a creative fandom, and diversity helps encourage creativity.
  • We oppose ideologies and groups that are against this diversity. These groups have historically engaged in aggressive persecution of ethnic and religious groups, and LGBT people, in the name of nationalism. Their ideologies were defeated, discredited, and degraded, at the cost of millions of lives in war. They don’t deserve attention in neither our space, nor the public space.
  • Attendees to our event enjoy the protection of our Code of Conduct, specifically section 8d: We are committed to inclusivity in our events and providing a welcoming environment to all… Any harassment or discrimination to any individual or group is unwelcome at our event.

    Attendees also enjoy the protection of Canadian laws such as the Ontario Human Rights Code and Criminal Code of Canada (in particular, the sections around “public incitement of hatred”).

    If you use our event to deny others these protections, you are not only in violation of Furnal Equinox’s Code of Conduct, but also in violation of the law. You can expect the matter will be handled by not only our Security team, but by local and federal law enforcement. Citizens of other countries should note that this may impact your future admissibility to Canada.

Furnal Equinox has always been proud to welcome all attendees, regardless of race, colour, national origin or ancestry, creed or religion, sex or gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or age – and we further commit ourselves to this.

We invite all of you to help us do this by calling instances of harassment and intimidation that take place — at our event or in our social media presences — to our attention. For events outside these spaces, the most appropriate avenue is law enforcement.

We deeply appreciate the love and care you all demonstrate for the furry community – and look forward to keeping it going!