A Special Announcement From Our Chair

December 17, 2017 • By Ronnie

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Aaeden as the new chair of Furnal Equinox, starting with our 2019 event!

Aaeden is a long-time Toronto resident and participant in its furry community. He is a long-time contributor to Furnal Equinox’s success, having taken on the leadership role of Volunteers Coordinator starting with the 2015 convention, and more recently, the role of Business Director in support of our registration, charity, and art show departments.

He can be contacted at aaeden@furnalequinox.com or by Twitter at @AaedenAranor.

We’ve taken the opportunity to provide a few words from both the incoming and outgoing chairs.

Statement from Outgoing Chair – Scani

It was in 2009 — almost a decade ago, now — that I first heard about plans for what became FE and offered to help with some “small” behind-the-scenes responsibilities… we all know how that worked out. By 2014, I found myself running a furry convention, with all of the joys, challenges, and choices that go along with it. To know that every decision you make has an impact on the experience 1,500 people will have for one weekend is a massive responsibility, and I could not have done it without the support of Furnal Equinox’s wonderful team of staff.

FE has been an amazing life chapter and I genuinely do feel like a better person for having had this opportunity — one that I hope is good preparation for transitioning into some new opportunities and community involvement over the next several months.

It is my absolute intention to stand behind our new chair and Furnal Equinox’s new leadership, and I sincerely hope the rest of you will do the same. In the meantime, thank you for your support — and for giving me the chance to lead for these last several years.

Statement from Incoming Chair – Aaeden

Furnal Equinox has been one of the consistent things in my life. I’ve learned a lot in my time with the convention, starting off as just a Volunteer under very talented and creative people during its first years. Having worked with Scani indirectly since the early years, and more directly recently, I know exactly what this role means, and how quickly the responsibilities and challenges of it can change.

The convention has come a long way, adapting to changes in venue and programming, the addition and departure of various competent staffers and department heads, expanding to capture new fans and followers as popular media, movies, and news coverage had built more interest in our community, and endured the constantly shifting social landscape both inside the fandom and out of it. Change is inevitable, and I feel that we all can look forward to what the future holds, not just when it comes to my own leadership, but also to the growth of our culture.

We want to give you the best possible event, using the strengths of our team and our attendees to always do better. We benefit from the ample feedback and suggestions we received following last year’s event, and I look forward to more of the same as we try new and different things. We rely on the talent and dedication of our staff to make this all happen, from some of our newest Volunteers to people who’ve been working the convention for almost 10 years like Scani and I.

As we start getting into the final stages of preparation for Furnal Equinox 2018, I’ll be supporting our team and Scani in rounding out his tenure as the face of our convention, and hope that I can present as accommodating and understanding a leader as he has and continues to. It is an honor to serve you all, and I wish us many more years of celebration of what connects us all.