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This year fursuiters came out and marched side by side with pride — to the tune of over 200 fursuiters in our photoshoot and parade. It's our biggest suiter contingent ever, and we're so glad to see more and more getting fuzzy!

Here's the picture of all of the suiters from Saturday afternoon! Can you spot any familiar faces?

If you'd like a version for printing, full-resolution files can be downloaded at the links below!

Full size version (5184 x 3137, 18.4 MB)
Half size version (2592 x 1569, 1.32 MB)

For those looking for individual pictures from the photobooth, they are available online here. Please note that pictures will only be available online until August 1, 2013.

Our thanks go out to Red Wolf Photography for providing photography services at the convention!

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Furry Forces Make FE 2013 A Success

Photo credit: Red Wolf Photography

After a long march to Toronto with weapons and uniforms in hand, the Furry Forces stood down from combat for three days of R&R leave in Toronto at Furnal Equinox 2013 — and it was undoubtedly the biggest, best and most successful one yet!

Our troops are continuing to raise the bar for Canadian furry conventions. Over the three days of the convention, over 750 attendees marched through our hallways, came to our panels, danced their hearts out, and more. This includes 206 fursuiters who participated in our fursuit parade on Saturday!

Another successful convention does not happen without the contributions of many. We first thank our Guests of Honour, Rukis and RedCoatCat. Their artwork beautified our web site, conbook, T-shirts, conbadges and more, and they graced us with their presence. We hope to see you back sometime soon!

Our very own uniformed personnel, our furry Security team, certainly paid tribute to our theme with their professionalism and courtesy to all of our attendees, as well as their "esprit de corps". Well done!

We also continue to succeed due to the dedication, efforts and teamwork of our staff, volunteers and panelists. Without you, our event simply could not happen! As we continue to grow our need for staff and volunteers increases in order to keep pace: if you can lend a paw next year, please let us know at volunteer@furnalequinox.com.

And the biggest thank of you all goes to you, our attendees. Your enjoyment and your happiness makes our efforts more than worthwhile!

If you have any comments on the convention, please send us an e-mail at info@furnalequinox.com. Make sure that you watch us on Facebook, Twitter, FurAffinity and YouTube — and of course here on our website — for FE 2013 material and information on next year's con!

We look forward to seeing you all next year as we go under the big top with Sandy Schreiber and Sabertoothed Ermine. They'll be bringing us to the Circus from March 7 to 9, 2014! See you then!

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Items For The Charity Auction

Do you have any interesting furry-related items or services to offer? A rare piece of art or writing? Perhaps an artist who has an extra commission slot available? If you have any of these, please give some thought to donating your items or skills to Furnal Equinox's Charity Auction.

We've supported the Mississauga Humane Society for the last four years and raised over $12,000 for this very worthy charity. The funds that we raise don't go to overhead, salaries, or keeping animals in cages. All of the MHS's work is done out of the homes of their numerous volunteers, who provide foster care for animals until they can find "Forever Homes" for them.

Your generosity makes a big difference to the MHS every year — and we know that you can do the same again!

To donate an item to this year's Charity Auction, e-mail Shane (charity auction coordinator) at woof@eol.ca, or drop by the auction / art show room at the convention on Friday to enter your item.

If you'd like to find out more about the Mississauga Humane Society's work, check out their website at mississaugahumanesociety.com.

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