Fursuit Photos

This year fursuiters came out and marched side by side with pride — to the tune of over 200 fursuiters in our photoshoot and parade. It's our biggest suiter contingent ever, and we're so glad to see more and more getting fuzzy!

Here's the picture of all of the suiters from Saturday afternoon! Can you spot any familiar faces?

If you'd like a version for printing, full-resolution files can be downloaded at the links below!

Full size version (5184 x 3137, 18.4 MB)
Half size version (2592 x 1569, 1.32 MB)

For those looking for individual pictures from the photobooth, they are available online here. Please note that pictures will only be available online until August 1, 2013.

Our thanks go out to Red Wolf Photography for providing photography services at the convention!

Furry Forces Make FE 2013 A Success

Photo credit: Red Wolf Photography

After a long march to Toronto with weapons and uniforms in hand, the Furry Forces stood down from combat for three days of R&R leave in Toronto at Furnal Equinox 2013 — and it was undoubtedly the biggest, best and most successful one yet!

Our troops are continuing to raise the bar for Canadian furry conventions. Over the three days of the convention, over 750 attendees marched through our hallways, came to our panels, danced their hearts out, and more. This includes 206 fursuiters who participated in our fursuit parade on Saturday!

Another successful convention does not happen without the contributions of many. We first thank our Guests of Honour, Rukis and RedCoatCat. Their artwork beautified our web site, conbook, T-shirts, conbadges and more, and they graced us with their presence. We hope to see you back sometime soon!

Our very own uniformed personnel, our furry Security team, certainly paid tribute to our theme with their professionalism and courtesy to all of our attendees, as well as their "esprit de corps". Well done!

We also continue to succeed due to the dedication, efforts and teamwork of our staff, volunteers and panelists. Without you, our event simply could not happen! As we continue to grow our need for staff and volunteers increases in order to keep pace: if you can lend a paw next year, please let us know at volunteer@furnalequinox.com.

And the biggest thank of you all goes to you, our attendees. Your enjoyment and your happiness makes our efforts more than worthwhile!

If you have any comments on the convention, please send us an e-mail at info@furnalequinox.com. Make sure that you watch us on Facebook, Twitter, FurAffinity and YouTube — and of course here on our website — for FE 2013 material and information on next year's con!

We look forward to seeing you all next year as we go under the big top with Sandy Schreiber and Sabertoothed Ermine. They'll be bringing us to the Circus from March 7 to 9, 2014! See you then!

Items For The Charity Auction

Do you have any interesting furry-related items or services to offer? A rare piece of art or writing? Perhaps an artist who has an extra commission slot available? If you have any of these, please give some thought to donating your items or skills to Furnal Equinox's Charity Auction.

We've supported the Mississauga Humane Society for the last four years and raised over $12,000 for this very worthy charity. The funds that we raise don't go to overhead, salaries, or keeping animals in cages. All of the MHS's work is done out of the homes of their numerous volunteers, who provide foster care for animals until they can find "Forever Homes" for them.

Your generosity makes a big difference to the MHS every year — and we know that you can do the same again!

To donate an item to this year's Charity Auction, e-mail Shane (charity auction coordinator) at woof@eol.ca, or drop by the auction / art show room at the convention on Friday to enter your item.

If you'd like to find out more about the Mississauga Humane Society's work, check out their website at mississaugahumanesociety.com.

March 2013 Newsletter

The city approaches! Keep marching, troops — V-Day is near!

Here's what we have to cover in Furnal Equinox's March 2013 newsletter, the last one before the con:

Schedule Released!
The FE 2013 schedule and list of dealers were released last week — so check them out and start planning your experience at the convention!

Registration Info
Registration wants to remind you of the following:

  • If you're here and preregistered, pick up your badge on Thursday night in the lobby!
  • Registration will be open from 8 am to 11 pm (reg moves to Con Ops after 8 pm).
  • Don't forget to bring photo ID (and your Parental Consent Form if you're underage).

Charity Auction
The Mississauga Humane Society needs your donations and generosity! You can drop off items to donate in the Art Show on Friday. Make sure to bid generously.

Volunteer Service
We're still in need of volunteers! Send us an e-mail, or simply stop by Con Ops at the convention itself.

Connect With The Troops
There are plenty of ways to keep in touch during the convention — watch for us on Twitter at @furnalequinox and the hashtag #fe2013, as well as the FEN video monitors!

List of FE 2013 Events


Wolf's Den Hospitality Suite
Visit our lounge for sponsors and supersponsors, where those who went that extra mile to support us can take a break and enjoy free snacks and drinks.

Sponsor Pizza Party
Sponsorship has its rewards, and this is a big one! A huge thank-you pizza party in Hospitality for sponsors, supersponsors, and dealers who have helped to make Furnal Equinox a success.

Supersponsor Luncheon
All Supersponsors are invited to join the Guests of Honour for a catered luncheon. Please pick up your ticket provided at Registration and bring it to the meal.

Tea SocialSpawts
End off a long Friday and chill out for a fun weekend at our Tea Social. Tea, coffee, and baked goods will be served by your hosts. Take a chair, lift your pinkies, and enjoy some civilized conversation!

WTF Reception
Join our sister con What The Fur? as they turn Hospitality into Old Montreal for the evening! Poutine and smoked meat will be served.

Feral! Reception
Join Camp Feral! as they take over Hospitality to provide some Canadian camping fun! Sorry, no bonfire or marshmallow roasting indoors, but anything else goes!


Breaking the Mold: Interesting Character DesignsKarine Charlebois
Drawing furries is more than just human bodies with muzzles and tails! Learn the rules of drawing anatomy, getting the essentials of the animal into your design, showing age, and male and female bodies. Anthro, feral and 'taur forms are also covered. A good base in drawing skill is recommended! (PG, due to anatomical explicitness).

Building Characters in Historical ContextEuro
The annals of history can be vast and overwhelming. This panel is for anyone who wants to create historical characters, or weave history into their art or writing. We'll lead you through creating convincing and relatable stories for your audiences.

Creating ComicsKent Burles
Comic artist and illustrator Kent Burles gives a crash course in drawing comics, followed by Q&A.

Creature DesignKent Burles
Starting with a standard body template, Kent demonstrates how to create anthropomorphic creatures using mammal, avian, and reptilian examples.

Drawing BackgroundsKent Burles
Maybe you're great at characters, but what about the rest of the scene? Kent gives advice and examples on how to use backgrounds and environments that bring out your character's true potential.

Anything Goes Art JamEevachu
Comics and animation and character design? Oh my! Let Eevachu be your guide on anything art related. Bring a pencil and paper, art you'd like critiqued, and swing by for this choose-your-own-adventure session determined by YOU!

How to Win at CommissionsHeather Bruton
Not sure how to take commissions? Long-time artist Heather Bruton gives practical tips on sketchbook and sketch commissions at cons, how to please the customer, setting prices, and managing your time.

Illustrating Historical ClothingRedcoat Cat
Historical artist Redcoat provides advice on how to approach clothing and historical details in artwork, including how to research and realistically depict cloth and folds. Learn the difference between drawing a uniform and drawing a costume! A Q&A will follow.

Making a Furry ComicRukis
If you're looking for advice on putting together a comic, look no further than Red Lantern creator Rukis! Here she gives some tips on starting your own, and answers more advanced questions.

Portraying Military in Art and WritingRithnok
Ever looked at Master Chief, GI Jane or S.W.A.T. and thought it's real? Well, think again! If you want to write or draw military life or special ops accurately, spend an hour in the trenches with Rithnok, a Canadian Forces veteran, who will separate myth from reality.

Visual Storytelling Crash CourseKarine Charlebois
Comics and storyboards are about telling a story. Learn the rules and general dos and don'ts of story layouts, and especially sequential art. Karine is a 15+ year pro at storyboards and comics with many tips to share.


A Furry Night at the Improv!Hiker & Dralen
Improv is back! Come and play some improv games with your hosts Hiker and Dralen in this evening of fun with a furry twist. Get your stage voices ready, because audience participation is definitely on!

Think you can sing? Yes? No? Well do it anyway! Come up to the microphone, and sing to your heart's content!

Meet the DJsDJ_Khaki
Meet some of the talented DJs that play music at Furnal Equinox's dances. See where they got started, how they grew and matured as performers, and find out what their future plans are.

Open MikePotoroo
Live music, skits, and performance from the local fandom. The mike's live, so bring an instrument, or just yourself, and put on a show!

Scavenger HuntScani
Welcome to basic training! The scavenger hunt will get you familiar with our new hotel by racing through hallways and competing in various challenges. Be the first team back to home base, and win a prize! This is a great opportunity to meet new people!

Telling a Tall TailThadius-Effingham
A live stand-up presentation of stories and comedy about being a furry and life in general. Thad will also read some of his stories from past and present projects.

The Wed-Night 80's BashShujinTribble
The "Feline Conspiracy's Wed-Night 80's Bash" will be recording in the Zoo again this year! Host ShujinTribble is taking requests and dedications of 80's music or covers. Also playing music for the fursuit parade!

Whose Lion is it Anyway?Dronon
Everyone knows the hilarious show that has been a staple of US conventions with SemJay and Alkali. Now one of its original creators is bringing his own version to Canada! Get up and act crazy in any of the silly games they have in store!


Feathers, wings and talons, gather together! If you're a bird or of the avian persuasion, come on down and shake a wing. All are welcome.

Babyfur Meet & GreetDan Raccoon
Yes, you read that right. Whether you're a cub, kid fur or just friendly and curious, come on down to meet and hang out in a relaxed social setting. Cookies and juice will be served!

Canine Meet and GreetNyxks & Kantu
Calling all canines to a meet and greet! Wolves, coyotes, dogs, foxes, and kitsunes are all welcome. After a little mutual sniffing we'll settle down to compare notes on canine-related topics.

Cat's MeowKittyflow
Hello felines! Come join us for the cat panel. We will be discussing all things cats -- and there might be a special surprise at the end! Meow! Go cats go!

GreymuzzlesPakesh De
If you're over 30 and a long-timer in the fandom, this is your event! Discuss what it's like to be an older fur, what has changed over the years, how you got into the fandom before the Interwebz, or just complain how the darn cubs won't stay off your lawn!

Lady Furs MeetSateva, Quyet Pawz, Koray BunnyCatalyst
This is a meet and greet, social and discussion panel for females, as well as trans females — we hope to create a warm welcoming environment for girls and women at FE to get to know each other. Ladies only, please.

Mustelid PanelMadFerret
A fun, simple meet and greet for mustelids of all kind! Doesn't matter if you're a weasel, a ferret, stoat, otter, badger, wolverine or anything else! All are welcome to come and join us! So pull up a seat, introduce yourself, and have a great time!

My Little Pony: The PanelDan Raccoon & Blondie Pup
Fans of all ages are invited to mingle and chat about all things related to MLP: Friendship is Magic! There will be group talks, polls, fan media and door prizes! We'd like 20% cooler input this year so come on down!

Pony Videos8-bit Pony
Watch humorous and chaotic fan-animations, parodies, and PMVs (pony music videos)! Reenactments of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, video games, and much more! You'll be laughing yourself horse!

Uniformed Furs Meet & GreetRithnok & Arc
Come meet those that serve their communities in uniform! Also open to those that wear or like uniforms as costumes, for events or just for fun.

Your First ConPotoroo & Pakesh De
Everyone's had a first con, and if this is yours, let a group of convention veterans answer your questions and offer some advice on having a great experience!

Now You Know

Everything About FurriesNukaScrue
What has half a decade of psychological research taught us about furries? This panel is sure to teach you something new about furries, whether you're just getting into the fandom or have been a furry for decades!

Fandom PositivesDronon
What do you like about furry fandom? Meeting people, broadening your horizons, celebrating your inner nerd, fursuiting, or spending a weekend with friends? Come talk about the positive aspects of the fandom, and share your stories!

Furries in the MediaPyat
As the fandom grows, so too does media awareness of furry. Pyat, a real live newspaper reporter and furry author, will talk to you about how to deal with the inevitable media attention in a positive way. Expect plenty of long-winded anecdotes!

Fuzzy Notes: Music by FurriesPotoroo
Potoroo talks music and about being both a musician and a furry. As part of the music biz, he gives advice on how to get your music out there, and answers questions. He'll feature some of the best new music by furries, and will be recording an episode of his podcast!

Historical Military VehiclesLittle Napoleon
Have an interest in military machines? Then this is the place to be! Learn about the history of military transport and mobile weapons, and how to use them in stories and art.

History of Furry Fandom PoliticsDronon
How has the fandom grown? What internal politics, debates and drama have shaped it and continue to work in the background? How has it changed and evolved over time? Oh, the drama!

Human-Animal TransformationToberkitty, Angrboda, Blackshirtboy, Tharakaos, DuskySam
This small panel of artists discusses transformation as art, its history, and their personal feelings about and relationship with transformation. Find out how TF and furry are related, or meet fellow TF fans in a friendly setting.

Online DJing / PodcastingShujinTribble
Wanting to know what goes into being an online DJ, or how to craft a podcast or audio/video blog? This panel will talk you through the ins and outs. Our host has over 4 years of experience as a furry podcaster and DJ.

SpiritualityNyxks & Blindsight
To many, furry is more than art, and is deeply linked to their mental and spiritual lives (and many don't even realize it). Ever had a spirit animal speak to you? Experienced a non-human body-image or mental shift? Seen an aura? We'll discuss these and more.

Things That Go BoomInari
Learn about the weapons of destruction the military has at its command! Guns, artillery, tanks, and anything else that comes up.

Writer's CraftThadius-Effingham
Writing a book can be as simple as putting your fingers to the keyboard, but how do you avoid throwing your computer out the window? Host Thadius speaks on what it took to get through his major projects, and how to succeed in your goals.


Fursuit ConstructionFrostscar & Stitchwolf
This is a basic-to-advanced fursuit building panel. We'll be going over every detail from how to make your balaclava to airbrushing techniques, and answering common questions. Come out and see how the magic happens!

Fursuit Dance PreliminariesSkyRyd3r
The first-ever Furnal Equinox Dance Competition starts here! Fursuit dancers can learn new dance moves and tips, and compete to see who will go to the finals Sunday.

Fursuit Dance CompetitionSkyRyd3r
The Furnal Equinox Dance Competition is here! Come and watch this extraordinary event as fursuit competitors take to the dance floor and put on spectacular routines! Competitors must attend the preliminaries to compete in the finals.

Music Video FilmingOlefin
Ever want to be in a furry music video made by the fandom, and for the fandom? We'll be filming a real music video during FE, and we're looking for some extras!

Performing in FursuitTiger Sammy
Join Tiger Sammy as we look into the art of fursuit performance. Learn the basics and improve your acting, and bring those fuzzy animal characters to life! Audience participation strongly encouraged!


Are You A Werewolf?Firey Kitsune
It's villagers versus werewolves! During the day, the villagers lynch suspected werewolves, by night, the werewolves feast. Can the villagers get them all before the predators (and the angry mobs) take out the whole town?

Cards Against HumanityBelic
Word association was never so fun, or hilarious -- or so WRONG. Highly NSFW, but bound to be hilarious! (Adults only)

Furnal BashBlack Mage Kitty
Let the fur fly in this Mario Party live-action game gone furry! Suiters and non suiters combine their efforts as they split into 4 teams and accumulate points. Who will be the champion?

Ironclaw: A Game of BonesPyat
A mystery haunts the Duke of Bisclavret. The young wolf cub knows that shadowy figures from the pagan past are plotting against his throne. Can your adventurers solve the mystery without causing a scandal?

Munchkin TournamentXzion
A tongue-in-cheek card game, easy to learn and fun to play! Special prizes available for the winners courtesy of Steve Jackson Games.

My Little Pony RPGChall
And that's how Equestria was saved... or was it? How will your mane party fare in this adventure? Play will be based on the FATE system.

Videogame Tournament: Rock Band
Get ready to shred, drum and sing like a rock star in our Rock Band tournament!

Videogame Tournament: Street Fighter x Tekken
Round One — FIGHT! Face off against opponents in this elimination tournament — who will prevail?

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