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Fursuit Fun Under The Big Top!

It's been a pretty cold winter, but there's light ahead at the end of this snowy tunnel! The Circus is coming to town! Not just any circus, but Furnal Equinox 2014's Circus! There’s tons of exciting fursuit track events this year, and we're happy to share a few of the highlights!

Fursuit Games will be held in the Muskoka ballroom on Saturday at 1 pm. Signups for the games will be available in the headless lounge after opening ceremonies Friday, and will be taken down at 12 noon Saturday. (We are not taking preregistrations this year). There will be a 3 team format as in previous years. Join Sprocket and his team, plus a special guest co-host for another fun filled games event!

The Fursuit Group Photo is to be held in the Muskoka ballroom on Saturday at 3:30 pm. Once our photos are snapped into fursuit fame, we'll commence our parade through our con space! So come on out and show attendees your stuff!

As we announced a couple of weeks ago, Ronnie and the Last-Fur-One dance crew are back for another year of dancing goodness! We're very proud to present the second annual Fursuit Dance Competition at Furnal Equinox, which we plan on making twice as exciting as the first! Click here for the information package and rules, and if you're ready to dance, then sign up here.

The staff and volunteers at Furnal Equinox pride themselves on offering the very best fursuit track that conventions have to offer. If you have any questions, contact Sprocket at or any of our staff at

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Programming Closing Soon!

This is the last chance to submit your panels to our schedule before submissions close!

Events and entertainment, gaming sessions and tournaments, and especially panels are all welcome at Furnal Equinox! We run plenty of programming tracks each year that your panel can be a part of. Your panel can be focused on artwork, writing, costuming, or you can host a social gathering of people with similar interests or species.

We'll make sure that your event can succeed by publishing it on our website before the convention, as well as in the schedules and conbooks handed out at the convention and on our FEN displays. We can also provide you with resources that you need such as laptops, whiteboards, or projectors... just ask when you contact us!

You can submit your panel proposal on our Events page. Panel proposals must be received by February 8, 2014.

Last Chance For Conbook Submissions!

Attention artists and writers! Time is running out to make your art or stories part of our conbook! Submissions will be closing on February 9, 2014 for the 2014 conbook.

We are especially in need of art pieces that fit in with the 2014 theme of "Circus". You can focus on travelling circuses, three-ring acts, or more contemporary entertainment (Cirque de Soleil, etc.), and any sufficiently furry character as a performer, or an awestruck spectator!

Artwork should be in high quality JPG, PNG or TIF format (grayscale or lineart). You can send us your work by going to our Conbook page, and filling out the form with your submission included as an attachment.

So hurry and get your artwork in to us!

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