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Last Chance For Conbook Submissions!

Attention artists and writers! Time is running out to make your art or stories part of our conbook! Submissions will be closing on February 9, 2014 for the 2014 conbook.

We are especially in need of art pieces that fit in with the 2014 theme of "Circus". You can focus on travelling circuses, three-ring acts, or more contemporary entertainment (Cirque de Soleil, etc.), and any sufficiently furry character as a performer, or an awestruck spectator!

Artwork should be in high quality JPG, PNG or TIF format (grayscale or lineart). You can send us your work by going to our Conbook page, and filling out the form with your submission included as an attachment.

So hurry and get your artwork in to us!

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Three Weeks Left To Preregister

Time is running out to get your advance tickets for the big show!

Online preregistration for Furnal Equinox 2014 will end on Monday, February 17 (the Family Day long weekend in Ontario). That's less than three weeks from now, so make sure that you register online before then!

We promise you an amazing show all weekend, and at $40 Canadian, it's a great value too. (For the Americans reading this, that's just $35 US! Not a bad deal, eh?)

Registering as a sponsor ($75) gets you a Furnal Equinox 2014 T-shirt designed by Guests of Honour Sabretoothed Ermine and Sandy Schreiber. You also get access to the Wolf's Den hospitality lounge in con space, with food served at all hours of the day, as well as a pizza party on the Saturday night!

Supersponsors ($140) get a very special gift: a set of mood badges from European furry artist TaniDaReal. These badges have been done exclusively for FE 2014 supersponsors and you won't be able to get them anywhere else!
You'll also receive admission to a special luncheon with other supersponsors and special guests, and your name printed in the conbook. These perks are only available if you preregister, though!

Registration will also be available at the door, but why wait? Skip the lineups, save a little money, and breeze right into the con by registering today!

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Go Behind The Scenes and Volunteer

Perhaps you've attended Furnal Equinox for a few years now, seen all the big events, and you're eager to get a different perspective on the life of a convention.

Why not step behind the curtain, and look at what it takes to put on the show?

We are looking for responsible volunteers to help us out at the convention. We are always in need for volunteers, whether it's to set up or teardown a room, do a food run to make sure that our dealers are properly fed, or make sure that our fursuiters don't fall and hurt themselves. All of our volunteers receive buttons for their effort, and if you put in enough hours, you'll be eligible for rewards such as T-shirts and free memberships to next year's con.

If you're interested in helping out, send us an e-mail at We'll talk with you about your preferences. As we get closer to the convention, we'll work to develop a schedule that works for you.

Putting on FE takes a lot of work. If you don't believe us, go check out this video filmed at FE 2013...

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