FE Celebrates Bailey And Yuki's Wedding

We are delighted to celebrate with James Bickell and AJ Tustin, better known in the fandom as Yuki and Bailey Bat, as they come together in marriage at Furnal Equinox on Saturday, March 8, 2014.

A wedding, no matter what culture it takes place in, is an opportunity for a community to celebrate. FE has always been an event held in service to the local furry community, so we think it is very appropriate to provide a place for friends to gather and celebrate the couple's union. We are very honoured that they have thought of us in their planning, and are very excited for this special event.

The couple is requesting that if you plan on attending the wedding ceremony (Saturday, March 8 at 11 am), or plan on attending the dinner afterwards, that you RSVP on their official wedding site:

Further details can be found on the wedding page. You can also vote on their honeymoon location, and find their wedding registry if you'd like to get them a gift.

We offer our congratulations to Bailey and Yuki on their engagement, and look forward to joining them in celebrating their marriage in March!

Our Supersponsor Gift

Our supersponsors deserve an early Christmas gift, so without further ado...

You probably know furry artist TaniDaReal for her mood badges. Well... we are very delighted to announce that she will be producing a set of mood badges exclusive to Furnal Equinox!

Whether you're feeling happy, or creative, or in a dancing mood, simply flip to the appropriate badge and let everyone else know how you’re feeling!

For examples of the badges, click here!

I want those mood badges! How do I get them?

Simple! Just register as a supersponsor for Furnal Equinox!

If you're already registered for the con and want to upgrade to supersponsor:

  • If you registered before November 30 (during the early bird period), contact registration@furnalequinox.com.
  • If you registered after November 30, click on the "Click here to edit your registration details" button in the original e-mail you got when registering. You’ll see a version of the original registration page. From there, you'll be able to change your registration level and pay for the upgrade.

We're hoping everyone is as excited about this supersponsor perk as we are — it's our gift to you for all of your support!

December 2013 Newsletter

It's almost the end of the year, but there's plenty of fun and excitement to look forward to at next year's show. So we've released our December newsletter to keep you in the loop!

Featured in this issue:

Apply to the Art Show - The Furnal Equinox Art Show has returned for another year. Make sure to sign up to sell your artwork!

Conbook Submissions Open - Another way to show off your art and stories -- get them printed in our conbook!

Panel Submissions - Panel slots are slowly starting to fill up. Be more than just a sideshow!

Christmas Party 2013 - Thanks to everyone who braved the snow and celebrated with us this past weekend!

Click below to read the newsletter!

Christmas Party Reminder

Don't forget about the Furnal Equinox Christmas party this Saturday, starting at noon!

The main meal is being catered, so no need to toil away in your kitchen prior to the event! However, you are more than welcome to bring snacks, hors d'oeuvres, and desserts (as well as vegetarian / gluten-free meals) to share with the rest of the group.

There are plenty of other plans for the weekend, including a gift exchange — so make sure to bring something with you!

The party is at 24 Mabelle Avenue, which is easily accessible by TTC (two to three minute walk from the apartment building) or by car (take Burnhamthorpe Road off of 427). Remember, if you need parking, contact
silvax@furnalequinox.com for a parking pass.

If you have any questions, simply leave a message on the Ontario Furs forum here:

See you this weekend!

FE Christmas Party - December 14th

It's time to spread some cheer at our annual Christmas Party, where everybody is sure to go home with some painted smiles!

The party will take place at 24 Mabelle Avenue in Etobicoke on Saturday, December 14. The celebrations start at noon and will last until about 10 pm.

The dinner will be potluck style, so you are invited to bring a dish to share (though don't worry as much about entrees, as we'll be supplying the turkey!). Please post on our Ontario Furs thread to RSVP and let us know what dish you plan to bring.

We'll also be doing a gift exchange after dinner. If you want to participate, make sure to bring a present!

Getting there on public transit: Take the TTC to Islington Station. Mabelle Avenue, and the apartment building, is only a two to three minute walk away.

Getting there by car: Take the Burnhamthorpe Road exit from Highway 427, then go east until the lights at Dundas Street. After the traffic lights, go straight onto Cordova, and Mabelle Avenue is the first street on the right. If you need parking, contact Silvax at silvax@furnalequinox.com in advance for a parking pass. There is also paid parking in the area.

If you have any questions, e-mail silvax@furnalequinox.com or leave a message on our forums. We look forward to seeing you there to celebrate with us!

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