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Fursuit Pictures From FE 2014

Over 260 fursuiters participated in this year's fursuit parade and photograph, and we want to make sure that our biggest group of fursuiters ever can remember this past weekend under the big top for a very long time!

If you'd like to do a printout, full-resolution files can be downloaded at the links below:

Full size version (5000 x 3236, 23.3 MB)
Half size version (2500 x 1618, 1.32 MB)

For those looking for individual pictures from the photobooth and parade:

Click here for photobooth pictures
Click here for parade pictures

Our thanks go out to all of our photographers — Dralen, The Irate FOX, and Xzion — for their services in the photobooth throughout the convention!

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A Fantastic Weekend Show - Thank You!

Furnal Equinox celebrated its 5th anniversary by soaring like an acrobat to new heights. Over the weekend we welcomed a new record attendance of 910 attendees, including 265 fursuiters who participated in our Saturday fursuit parade. So many people showed up that we even had to arrange an overflow hotel!

A successful circus happens thanks to many faces, and we certainly have to thank our Guests of Honour, Sandy Schreiber and Sabretoothed Ermine. Since accepting this role, they have worked together to give us wonderful artwork that can be seen on our website, conbook, T-shirts, conbadges and more. They were a joy to have this weekend. Thank you!

We also continue to succeed thanks to the dedication and efforts of a hard-working team of staff and volunteers throughout ALL of our con. Whether it's Programming, AV, IT, Con Ops, Volunteers, Gaming or of course our Security team, all came together to support and deliver a successful event. As we grow in size, our staff and volunteers must increase in order to keep pace: if you can lend a paw next year, please let us know at

But we are most grateful of all to our attendees. Whether you have been here all five years or this was your first year, all of the entertainment is for you, and you've helped make it such a fantastic weekend!

If you have any feedback on your con experience, please send us an e-mail at Also watch us on Facebook, Twitter, FurAffinity and YouTube — and of course here on our website — for highlights from the 2014 event and information on next year's con!

We look forward to seeing you all next year at the Furry Arcade — so Press Start and join us from March 13 to 15, 2015!

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March 2014 Newsletter

It's almost time for the show to begin! The tents are almost ready, and the animals are ready to perform.

Here's what we have to cover in Furnal Equinox's March 2014 newsletter, the last one before the con:

Registration Info
Be ready to get your badge! We’ll have early badge pickup on Thursday evening, and registration will be open starting at 9 am each day. Make sure to bring proper ID, and the Parental Consent Form if you’re underage.

Schedule and Dealers List
We've released our schedule on our website, as well as the list of Dealers in the Dealers Den, featuring more dealers than even before! Check them out and start planning your con!

Charity Auction
The Mississauga Humane Society needs your donations and generosity! You can drop off items to donate in the Art Show room (Golden Delicious) on Friday. Make sure to bid generously.

Volunteer Behind The Scenes
We're still in need of volunteers! If you’re interested, talk to our volunteer coordinator at the convention itself.

Connect With The Performers
Make sure you keep in touch with us – tweet with the con hashtag #fe2014, and more!

Click here to read the March newsletter!


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