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Make sure to pre-register soon!

Our schedule is live!

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The Sheraton is SOLD OUT!

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FE Historic Swag - Last Chance!

Several months ago, we announced the opportunity to collect a piece of FE history!

There are still plenty of T-shirts and conbooks available from the first five years of Furnal Equinox, and most of them are available for free for you to claim if you didn't attend some of our first five events.

But time is running out! We move to a new storage space after the 2015 convention, and we simply don't have the room to keep everything. Just like the liquidation sales at Target, everything must go!

Conbooks and T-shirts will be available for pickup at Furnal Equinox 2015 ONLY. There will be a limited number available for others at the convention, but if you don't reserve by e-mail, we can't guarantee they will be available for you.

To reserve conbooks or T-shirts, you can e-mail merch -at- furnalequinox -dot- com listing the items that you are interested in. If you're requesting T-shirts, please include the size.

Make sure to e-mail us before February 27, 2015 -- there are no further opportunities to get old conbooks or T-shirts after that!

A reminder of what we have in stock:


  • FE 2011 (Wild Magic) - ZEN / Firestorm Six
  • FE 2012 (Infurnally Yours) - Dark Natasha / Marci McAdam
  • FE 2013 (Furries in Uniform) - RedCoatCat / Rukis
  • FE 2014 (Circus) - Sabretoothed Ermine / Sandy Schreiber


  • FE 2011 - L, XL, 2XL
  • FE 2012 - XL, 2XL
  • FE 2013 - S, M, L, XL ($5 each)
  • FE 2014 - S, 3XL, 4XL

FE 2015 February Newsletter!

Our February Newsletter is officially up! The final round of updates for both old and new things have been released for Furnal Equinox 2015 as we draw closer to the convention with less than a month to go.

You can download the Newsletter directly as a PDF for your personal viewing, or click on the link below!

Keep your eyes peeled and those quick-time reflexes ready for more updates coming soon, through both our website and our social media plugs! Make sure you've got all your gear ready for the epic adventure ahead - we'll be seeing you soon!

Click here to view the February Newsletter!

Conbook Submissions Extended!

Didn't have enough time to finish or perfect your submission(s) to our Conbook? Fear not - we're extended our deadline by two weeks!

Our Conbook submission deadline has been extended to February 22, 2015. A side note for our conbook is that we are mainly looking for original art pieces to be submitted - if you're looking for a place to showcase your art and get some spotlight, our conbook is a great way to do so! We also have advertising space left in our conbook - for a fee, you can promote your business or event to a large crowd!


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