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Programming Submissions for 2015 Now Open!

The Furry Arcade is beginning to come to life, but we’ve got lots of room for more features in it. The avid gamers of the Furry Arcade all know that the best content is made by the gamers themselves. Our staff at Furnal Equinox can only do so much to create an awesome environment for you, but it’s you attendees that really set the high score for our events. We’re calling out to all you brave attendees with the drive to contribute to the Arcade to submit panels for Furnal Equinox 2015!

Got a secret strategy to defeat Con Crud? Sharing some tips and tricks on Character Development? Maybe you just want to see how many other Bowser fans there are. If you think you’ve got something that can add to our palette of amazing programs, we’d love to have you run them at Furnal Equinox 2015! If you’ve got an idea for a panel, but aren’t sure if you’re up for running it, we would still love to hear your suggestions. Any feedback on what you’d like to see, new or returning, is appreciated!

If you’re looking for ideas on what kind of we’re looking for, here are some sample panels:

Art: How to Win at Commissions, Making a Furry Comic, Visual Storytelling
Entertainment: Night at the Improv, Masquerade, Telling a Tall Tail
Fursuiting: Fursuit Construction, Performing in Fursuit, Fursuit Charades
Gaming: Cards Against Humanity, Ironclaw, Munchkin
Now You Know: Fandom Positives, Human-Animal Transformation, Furry Psychology
Social / Meet & Greet: Avians, Greymuzzles, Lady Furs

(For a more comprehensive idea of our panels, check out last year’s schedule for even more examples.)

The Sheraton hotel has plenty of space to hold panels of all kinds and needs. We also have a supply laptops, projectors, whiteboards, and other items should you need them to spiff up your panel – all you have to do is ask! We’ll also work with you to promote your panel on social media and at the con – you won’t be left lagging.

If you’re got any questions regarding the equipment, spaces, or resources that we have to offer to our panelists for 2015, please send an e-mail to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Log on, get your game controllers ready and head on over to the Events page if you’re interested in becoming part of the Furry Arcade’s finest entertainment!

Art Show and Dealers Den Open

Applications for the Dealers Den and Art Show at Furnal Equinox 2015 are open!

First of all applications are now available for the 2014 art show -- this a great opportunity to showcase and sell your artwork to some very excited attendees!

If you haven’t participated in an art show before, we’ve made sure that it’s easy for you to jump in without any risk. New this year, we no longer have any panel fees for participating in the art show, just a modest commission on any sales made. Just hang up your artwork, and we take care of the rest.

We also welcome back all of our vendors in the Dealers Den from previous years, and invite new ones to join us!

Just like last year, Dealers Den tables start at only $75, and include one attending-level membership. We have plenty of tables available in our dealers den, from single six foot tables to corner tables that provide 15 feet of space. The information package for dealers is also available on our website. Please review it before you apply, but make sure to apply early.

The Arcade will be bustling. Come set up… and be prepared to accept quarters!

Registration and Hotel Open!

Online preregistration for Furnal Equinox 2015 is now open!

For less than the price of a new Xbox game, you can get into our arcade — until early bird pricing ends on November 30, it only costs $35 to register for the convention!

You can also:

  • Upgrade to our Sponsor level for $70, which gets you a Furnal Equinox 2014 T-shirt and access to the Wolf’s Den sponsor lounge!
  • Upgrade to Supersponsor for $140. In addition to all of the sponsor perks, you get an invitation to supersponsor luncheon on Saturday morning, your name printed in the conbook, and a special gift from us — a programmable LED badge!

You need somewhere to stay too, so our room block for FE 2015 is officially open! Rooms at the Sheraton Toronto Airport start at just $129 per night. The hotel has a number of room types available, including rooms with two queen beds, one king bed, and a selection of suites.

You can book online by following this link to the Sheraton’s website. Make sure to book early, as we're likely to sell out!

Dealers can also apply for vendor tables on our Dealers page!

Vendors are advised that applications for the Art Show will be posted in the next couple of weeks.


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