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The Sheraton is SOLD OUT!

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FE 2015 Programming & Events!

You've been waiting patiently for our events and panels to be unveiled at the Furry Arcade - well fear not! In just under a week, those tokens and quarters you've been saving up will find their place in our arcade. In the meantime, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the features that are about to unfold. Our panelists and staff have been working tirelessly to bring you nothing but the finest in Arcade-style entertainment.

We hope you've warmed up those reflexes and geared up properly - the Furry Arcade approaches soon!

Fursuit Programming at the Furry Arcade!

With one week left until we open the doors to the wonders of the Furry Arcade, we're practically itching to show off the slew of features we've got in store for all our attendees. The range of our showcase events extends from goomba-stomping the challenges at the Fursuit Games, to re-living an epic battle in the Masquerade, and even watching the masters of rhythm games take it to the next level in our Fursuit Dance Competition. Our staff and performers alike have been preparing for weeks and months to provide you the best arcade entertainment possible, and all we're missing is a fantastic audience!

The Furry Arcade Needs You!

With the convention just over a week away, we're putting together the finishing touches to every level of the Furry Arcade. Our team is making sure all those monsters are kept at bay, and making all the spectacular features even better. However, no arcade would be able to run smoothly and safely without the aid of brave adventurers who go out of their way to make those convention levels safe from glitches and unwanted game-bugs. We’re calling out to those adventurers to aid Furnal Equinox in making our convention as glitch-free as possible!


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