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We Want Your Feedback!

Here at Furnal Equinox, we aim to make each and every year better than the last. We take all of our feedback seriously, and use it to improve on areas that need it as well as innovate on others. Help make Furnal Equinox a better convention for years to come by filling out our survey - it only just takes a few moments!

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Pre-Con Reminders!

With only two days to go, we know you've got your pockets lined with quarters and your reflexes sharpened. The Furry Arcade's set to go, and the games within are just begging to be played. We want to make sure that you're all set for the convention that's just on the horizon!

There's many things that every con-goer needs to bring to a convention besides your suit or your wallet for buying art! Here at Furnal Equinox we want to make sure that every attendee has the best time possible at the Furry Arcade, and that means making sure you're prepared for all the excitement to come.

Support Our Charity!

While everyone's having a good time blasting aliens into 8-bits and dancing their feet off at the Furry Arcade, we can't forget where all of our quarters are being put towards. Every year at Furnal Equinox, we're proud to support and give back to our feral furry friends that are in need. For the past five years, we've been supporting the Mississauga Humane Society's selfless efforts in finding homes for cats and dogs all over the city, through both donations and adoptions.

Each year we've surpassed expectations in our ability to give to our beloved critters, raising a total of nearly $25,000 since 2010 for the MHS. However, we can't do it alone; that's where we're putting out a Call-to-Duty for our noble attendees. Got an item that you think would help raise some money in our auction? Possibly looking for a new furry friend to bring home? Read on more to find out!


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