March 2013 Newsletter

The city approaches! Keep marching, troops — V-Day is near!

Here's what we have to cover in Furnal Equinox's March 2013 newsletter, the last one before the con:

Schedule Released!
The FE 2013 schedule and list of dealers were released last week — so check them out and start planning your experience at the convention!

Registration Info
Registration wants to remind you of the following:

  • If you're here and preregistered, pick up your badge on Thursday night in the lobby!
  • Registration will be open from 8 am to 11 pm (reg moves to Con Ops after 8 pm).
  • Don't forget to bring photo ID (and your Parental Consent Form if you're underage).

Charity Auction
The Mississauga Humane Society needs your donations and generosity! You can drop off items to donate in the Art Show on Friday. Make sure to bid generously.

Volunteer Service
We're still in need of volunteers! Send us an e-mail, or simply stop by Con Ops at the convention itself.

Connect With The Troops
There are plenty of ways to keep in touch during the convention — watch for us on Twitter at @furnalequinox and the hashtag #fe2013, as well as the FEN video monitors!

Click below to read the newsletter!

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