Art Show

The Art Show is a main event at furry and fantasy cons across the world. We're pleased to offer the opportunity for artists and exhibitors to sell and promote their work, and for attendees to take it home.

Applications for the 2015 Art Show are now open!

Click here to apply for the Art Show!

For Exhibitors

Details on the Art Show policies and procedures are provided in the Art Show package posted below. Please read it before you submit your application, especially if you haven't participated in the Art Show before. Once you've done so, fill out the Art Show Application on our website.

Participating in our Art Show is simple! Simply come in, hang your artwork up on a display panel and fill in a bid sheet for each item; then leave the hard work of selling it to us while you enjoy the con on your own time or sell at your dealer table. If you can't be at the con personally, you can designate an agent to represent you.

New for 2015, panels are free! We simply charge a modest commission of 10% on artwork to cover all costs. You'll be paid all of your sale proceeds, net of commission, as you pack up at the end of the convention.

Signups will be available online and at the convention, space permitting. If you have any questions, please e-mail

For Bidders

Attendees are more than welcome to come in to the Art Show and browse and bid on artwork throughout the convention.

The Art Show will be open for bids during the following times:

Friday: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm (final bids at 8:30 pm)

Artwork will be available for pickup from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm on Sunday.

The following rules apply to the Art Show auction:

  • Bid carefully! If you are the top bidder, you are obligated to pay for the item! Any items unclaimed by the winning bidder will be referred to the artist for collection, and FE may take action as well.
  • All bidding will start at the specified "Minimum Bid" price.
  • Bids must be in whole dollar amounts, and each bid must be higher than the previous by at least one dollar ($1).
  • If a "Buy Now" price is specified, the auction will end once the "Buy Now" price is reached.
  • Bidding will close at 8:30 pm on Saturday. If two or more bidders on an item are present at closing, the Art Show Coordinator may choose to hold a voice auction between them.
  • All items will be available for pickup on Sunday. Any items that do not receive any bids will be available for immediate sale at the minimum bid price.

Please note that only attendees over the age of 18 will be admitted into the art show to view and bid on artwork.
No photography will be permitted in the Art Show under any circumstances.

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