About FE

We are occasionally asked by some prospective attendees just what Furnal Equinox is all about, and are more than happy to answer:

Furnal Equinox is an annual furry fandom convention held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We were founded in 2009 by a group of local fans. Now entering our fifth year, we are now Canada's largest furry event, welcoming 750 people in 2013.

What is furry fandom? You can read the relevant Wikipedia page for more detail, but basically, we're fans of cartoons, namely the walking, talking animals often featured in them. Although everyone's experience is a little bit different, many of our attendees liked cartoons or fantasy books as kids (Looney Tunes, Watership Down, The Lion King, Over the Hedge, Madagascar...) and have the same appreciation later on in life. Many of our attendees create and participate in artwork, writing, crafts, performance, costuming ("fursuits") or simply show their support and appreciation to anyone who does.

Our mission is to bring together fans of the furry genre together in Canada's biggest city, and showcase the best homegrown and international talent. We aim to provide a laid-back, casual environment for our attendees to meet new people, share ideas, create, entertain and be entertained.

Our operating organization is Anthropomorphic Events of Ontario, a not-for-profit corporation registered in the province of Ontario. Donations to AEO are welcomed through PayPal by clicking the link below.
Please note that we are not a Canadian registered charity and therefore unable to issue official donation receipts.