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Furnal Equinox is an annual furry fandom convention held in Toronto, Ontario — Canada's largest city and cultural capital.

What is furry? We're fans of cartoons, namely the walking, talking animals often featured in them. Many of our attendees liked cartoons or fantasy books as kids, and have maintained the same appreciation later on in life. Our attendees create artwork, literature, crafts, performance and costumes ("fursuits"), or simply show their support and appreciation to anyone who does.

Our mission is to bring together fans of the furry genre together in Toronto, and showcase the best Canadian and international talent. We aim to provide a laid-back, casual environment for our attendees to meet new people, share ideas, create, entertain and be entertained.

In 2010, Furnal Equinox was founded by a group of local fans who wanted to bring the con experience to the local community. Since then we have grown to become Canada's largest furry event, and welcomed over 900 attendees from all over Canada and the US in 2014. We encourage you to read our History page and find out more about our beginnings.

We are also very proud to support animal-related causes through our charity auction and other charitable initiatives put on by our attendees. To this end, we are pleased to have raised almost $25,000 for the Mississauga Humane Society since 2010.

We look forward to welcoming you to Toronto for our sixth year, celebrating the best of Canadian furry fandom!

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